Discount Profile: Tori's Bakeshop in the Canary District


June 15, 2017

Care of Florence McCambridge
I’ve been waiting for the new Tori’s Bakeshop location to open for what seems like forever, but now vegans in Toronto’s east end have something to celebrate, because everyone’s favourite organic bakery is now open!

While I’m more than happy to hop on my bike and ride over to Tori’s lovely shop in the Beaches, their new location in the Canary District is within walking distance from my house, so you can understand my excitement.
Just like the original location, Tori’s Bakeshop in the Canary District is bright and charming with that recognizable green and white colour scheme we all know and love. And with plenty of greenery lining the open shelving and the abundant sunshine coming in from outside, this location is sure to be busy in the summer months ahead.
One thing I’ve always loved about Tori’s is that they have such an amazing selection of savoury items to go along with the sweets that make them famous. If you’ve ever enjoyed their focaccia at the Veg Food Fest, you know what I’m talking about.
I decided on a Veggie Pâté Sandwich, made with mushrooms and sunflower seed pâté, sauerkraut, lettuce, and in-house mustard. I’ll definitely be back for that sandwich again soon. And I couldn’t resist a focaccia topped with vegan cheese and some roasted tomatoes, a popular choice as I got one of the last ones! If you only visit Tori’s to satisfy your sweet tooth, you’re missing out. I really wanted to try the “B”LT sandwich with hickory smoked coconut bacon, but I decided to leave that for my next visit because I had to save room for dessert.
Dessert at Tori’s is always a tough decision because you feel spoiled for choice. I decided against the cupcakes, donuts, cookies, and cruffins (croissant-muffin), and went for a super dense gluten-free chocolate brownie. In case you had any doubt, Tori’s made blogTo’s list of Best Brownies in Toronto for a reason. That is one good brownie.
The Canary District is still expanding and new stores seem to pop up all the time. If you’re in the area make sure to check out Tori’s Bakeshop. For now the hours are limited to Wednesday through Sunday from 10am-4pm with more to come soon!
Tori’s Bakeshop
Discount: 10% off
Veg Status: All vegan
Where: 430 Front St. E (NE corner of Front and Cooperage, just east of Front and Cherry)


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