Veg Out 396: Vegan Rock! 9


May 27, 2017

Today John, Ana, and Steve are joined by Greg to discuss Vegan Rock! 9.  Vegan Rock! is a concert/bake sale/fundraiser that is taking place on June 8th at The Boat (158 Augusta Avenue, Toronto).  Talented veg musicians, friends, and the smells of baked goods, all mingling at a Kensington bar, mean it is not a night to be missed.  The co-hosts also talk about TVA Reads, important books (Save the Humans! and Drawdown), upcoming veg festivals, and debate which ingredients in their kitchens they can’t live without.
Vegan Rock! 9 is graciously sponsored by Green Zebra Kitchen, Mama VeganSick on Sin, Tori’s Bakeshop, Truth Belts, Vegan Stokes Cheeses, and Vegetarian Haven.

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