A Veggielicious Start to the Long Weekend


May 19, 2017

Care of Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator
Summer is pretty much here, which means it’s time for the office to get busy again! We’re excited to have our Directory Coordinator, Andrea, be joining us in the office for the summer, so we couldn’t resist ending off the magical two weeks that has been Veggielicious with a celebratory send-off lunch.
With more than 40 restaurant locations participating in this year’s event, scheduling in all the specials we wanted to try was definitely a challenge.
When Andrea came into the office last week, she raved about the Corned Beet Reuben Sandwich she had from Yamchops, and even more so about the cauliflower chocolate pudding it came with.
Emily’s schedule allowed for both a nice, sit down, three-course meal at Southern Accent, as well as a morning pit stop at Rawlicious to enjoy their $4.50 smoothie bowl (DIVINE! was how she described it).
David and I, never being ones to shun some good, old-fashioned, deep fried goodness truly delighted in Disgraceland’s mighty prix-fix menu of popcorn tofu, a butter “chicken” burrito, and deep-fried oreos and blueberry perogies for dessert.
Yes, by this point in time, we were all feeling like it was time to return to a regular meal plan that includes home-cooked meals and fresh salads, but we knew there was one more special we just had to try. We had all been eying the Chick*n Schnitzel Sandwich and Rocky Road Fudge from Yamchops. So we decided to plan one more staff meal together to celebrate a great two weeks and another successful year of Veggielicious!
As high as our expectations were given the yummy-ness that we all know comes from Yamchops, I can safely say every one of us was floored by just how delicious this sandwich was. The breading was super crispy and crunchy, without being greasy, and it was topped with a generous serving of freshly cooked jalapenos and mushrooms. The tomato sauce had the perfect amount of kick to it, and the whole wheat bun was soft and fresh. The sandwich was hefty and filling, and as Andrea put it “It’s so nice to finish off a meal with a chocolate dessert!”.
While we are sad to see another year of Veggielicious come to a close, this was the perfect way to end it.
Of course, it doesn’t have to be the end of your Veggielicious yet! It runs until Sunday, May 21st, so you have two days left to try out the rest of the fantastic specials from more than 40 restaurants across the GTA! Visit www.veggielicious.ca for a full list of participating locations.

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