Veg Out 388: #NutritionMonth with Dietitians of Canada


March 18, 2017

On today’s episode of Veg Out, Ana, Steve, and Lisa speak with a representative from Dietitians of Canada to discuss certain “Food Fights” people often have. Today we discuss certain “food fads”, stress eating, and if it’s possible to manage diabetes with a vegan diet. We also briefly touch on how much protein we need per meal and what that looks like in an average day of eating.

A big thank you to Cristina Sutter, MHsc., RD for joining us on this episode and sharing your expertise with us!

Dietitians of Canada:

Cristina Sutter –




Listen Now: Veg Out 388: #NutritionMonth with Dietitians of Canada

(Also we looked up the nutrition of sunflower seed sprouts: according to LIVESTRONG, per 1/4 cup of sunflower sprouts, there are 6 g of protein! =O)

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