Food of the Month: Asparagus


February 21, 2017

Care of Andrea Howe

This spring super-food starts the season off packed full of vitamins and minerals. Asparagus growing season begins at the end of February and continues all through the spring until May. Unlike most vegetables, asparagus continues to grow and thrive even after it is picked. This trait is beneficial as the powerful enzymes are just as beneficial for your health as they were when they were in the ground.
Asparagus spears are known for their tender but crunchy texture. Hidden inside their long shoots is an array of vitamins and minerals such as vitamins K, C, E, and B vitamins. The vegetable also contains high amounts of folate, copper, and fibre. Vitamin K is beneficial for blood-clotting, as well as maintaining bone health. The fibre in asparagus is great for digestive health and reducing risks of cancer and disease. Asparagus can be used in many dishes such as asparagus soup, wrapped asparagus, casseroles, or even just on its own as a tasty side dish!

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