TVP 383: Social media and the pit falls of perfectionism


January 14, 2017

Today Sarah and Ana have some fun on the podcast, but also discuss some pretty important topics such as dealing with negativity on social media channels. We also discuss the documentary, Before the Flood, and the important role veganism can have in protecting the environment. Whatever your reason is for living or being curious about a veg lifestyle, keeping in mind the larger impact that your individual choices can have can be motivating when you are facing negative feedback.
Social media can have a positive influence too! It can help to connect vegans around the world, it was through social media and social groups that we discovered Rich Roll, his books and podcast. If you would like to get involved with social groups in the Toronto area, or attend one of our events.
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*Note – The Naomi Klein book is called This Changes Everything and can be found here
Listen Now:  TVP 383: Social Media and pit falls of perfectionism
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