Discount Profile: Suup Health Bar


December 20, 2016

Who doesn’t crave a hot, cozy soup in the winter in Toronto? Well isn’t it perfect timing that Suup Health Bar happens to be Toronto’s newest vegan lunch spot and that they’re giving a free soup to members of the Toronto Vegetarian Association!

The first time I went I was overwhelmed with the options. The Enchilada, Bankok Curry and Un-Lobster Bisque were all calling my name. But I decided to give my meal a theme, so I ordered the Thai Butternut Squash Soup and the Thai Crunch Salad. The salad was a real treat: in addition to what you’d expect in a salad like fresh greens, carrots and cabbage, there were little packets of crunchy ramen noodles and almonds to sprinkle on top, and perfectly cooked vegetarian “chicken” strips. The bits of crunch were a perfect match with the creamy peanut dressing.

I enjoyed my meal so much that I insisted the whole TVA staff team go back the next week to give it a try, and everyone was just as impressed as I. My colleagues raved about the Bahn-Mi Vietnamese Burrito, while I delighted in the Atomic Sushi Bowl: rice, their signature veggie chicken strips once again, avocado, veggies, and an incredible wasabi dressing that made you feel like you were literally eating sushi out of a bowl. Everyone, of course enjoyed their meal with a side of soup. I loved the Carrot-Coconut-Ginger, perfectly spiced and creamy for a cold day.

Discount: Free small soup with any bowl or burrito

Veg Status: All vegan

Where: 382 Yonge Street (at Gerrard)

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