Vegan Camping: It’s All About the Food


June 30, 2016

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator

Camping season arrived weeks ago, but there’s still a couple of months to go. Perhaps for you camping is all about quiet, peaceful days and nights, swimming, sitting around a fire or taking scenic hikes. And those are all good reasons for a weekend away.

But camping doesn’t mean you have to give up delicious and decadent food. With each passing year, the ideas and choices for what to bring camping continue to grow to the point that I now find myself having to cut things out because there simply aren’t enough meals and snacks available over a weekend to eat it all!

Here are some of our go-to camping meals and snacks to keep you fueled for a weekend of hikes and swims, and to keep you company aside a warm fire in the evening. Note: Items in italics assume you bring along a Coleman stove and frying pan.


  • bread and peanut butter
  • fruit (see fruit suggestions)
  • tofu scramble (we bring a scramble flavour mix from a recipe already mixed up in a tupperware or ziplock bag and then the tofu is ready to be fried up)
  • home fries (same thing: pack up your flavour mix. On your first night camping, wrap your potatoes in tinfoil and roast over the fire so in the morning they’re soft and once again, just need to be fried up with your flavour pack)
  • baked oatmeal (my favourite is Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal from Chocolate Covered Katie. Bake ahead of time at home and just bring in a tupperware ready to eat!)
  • Quaker Oats single serving oatmeal: If you don’t have the time or don’t want to bake your own oatmeal ahead of time, just pick up a few packs of the single serving bowls of oatmeal that only require adding in boiling water and letting rest for a couple of minutes. (This assumes you bring along a kettle for boiling water atop a Coleman stove).


  • hummus and pitas and/or chopped veggies
  • Cliff bars
  • fruit (see fruit suggestions)
  • trail mix
  • Mary’s Crackers
  • Primal Strips veggie jerky

pizza piesDinner

  • pizza pies: If you don’t have a pie iron yet, pick one up from Canadian Tire and it will change your life! Pack Yves veggie pepperoni, Daiya cheese, and a can of pizza sauce (don’t forget to bring a can opener!). Put a bit of vegan butter on one side of one slice of bread, put it on the pie iron, put your sauce, cheese and pepperoni on top, put the other slice of bread down on top with a bit of vegan butter, close it up, then roast it on the coals of your fire
  • veggie dogs/sausages (on a stick, roasted over the fire)


  • chips
  • candy of your choice: sour patch kids, fuzzy peaches, skittles
  • pie iron pies! Bring along a can of ready-made pie filling (and your can opener), fill as described for the pizzas above, and once again roast over the coals of your fire. Divine!
  • roasted chocolate peanut butter banana splits: take a banana and slice it open lengthwise. Spread on some peanut butter and top with chocolate chips, and vegan marshmallows if you can. Wrap the banana in tinfoil and roast over your coals until everything is melty gooey delicious.


Not all fruits are good candidates for camping. You need something that you can wash ahead of time that won’t get mushy as the days progress. My suggestions for fruit that travels well are:

  • grapes
  • cherries
  • apples
  • blueberries

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