Featured Business Members – March 2016


February 25, 2016


zengarry logoFauxmagerie Zengarry
Fauxmagerie Zengarry Cashew Cheese is a delicious, no compromise vegan cheese alternative. “Made locally in Glengarry, Ontario, we craft our cashew cheeses by hand with love and fresh wholesome ingredients including raw organic cashews, cold-pressed organic coconut oil, local organic garlic and fresh herbs and spices.” Zengarry cheeses are also raw and lacto-fermented. “Each of our cheeses is cultured for 24-48 hours with probiotics that aid in digestion and help maintain a healthy intestinal micro-flora.”  Zengarry Artisanal Cashew Cheeses are available in 6 delicious, classic flavours, including Brie Style, Gruyère Style, and Sundried Tomato and Basil, and are sold in health food stores across Ontario and Quebec. Visit their website for more details and a list of retailers in your area!



logo-kingsKing’s Café
192 Augusta Ave., (Kensington Market) 416-591-1340, www.kingscafe.com
“King’s Café exists to make healthy, vegetarian food accessible to people who choose to have them, giving them the option to live a healthier life! And it isn’t about eating tasteless vegetables. King’s creative kitchen brings you the best vegetarian meals you can ever imagine! Even meat substitutes are made from natural ingredients and spices- absolutely no chemicals or preservatives.” Most Toronto area vegetarians are familiar with the Kensington Market location and the extensive options available- from Dim Sum and dumplings, to noodle and rice dishes with the option of a variety of meat substitutes such as duck and even fish. Also visit the fancy tea and mock meat store within the restaurant, and visit the website for Zen Gardens locations in Mississauga, Cambridge, London, and Guelph. Toronto Veg Card holders save 10% in King’s Café restaurants and food stores!



Natur-aNatur-a Foods
877-769-2645, www.natur-a.com
Natur-a provides delicious, wholesome, Canadian-made dairy alternative beverages that are widely available at both large and small retailers. “At Natur-a, we know that you base your decisions about your diet on what’s best for your health. That’s why we’re committed to developing and producing non-GMO Natur-a soy, brown rice, and almond beverages that are tasty, deliver great quality, and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. Our Natur-a product family meets a growing need : to provide you with a healthful alternative to dairy products. And that’s why Natura Foods continues to develop delicious, nutritious, organic health foods and beverages made from plant products.” Visit their website to find out more about Natur-a, and where products are sold.



VeganMortgageVegan Home & Mortgage
Vegan Home & Mortgage is a Toronto-based real-estate team with a big heart. “We are a dedicated team that contributes to several animal organizations, volunteers, and attends activist events. Our mission is to help the vegan community achieve their dreams of homeownership, while at the same time helping animal and vegan organizations get much needed funds. Combining what we DO with what we LOVE! A percentage of our realty and mortgage commissions on closed deals is donated to the organization of choice. One transaction (home purchase/sale and mortgage) on a $500,000 home could result in a $2,000 donation. See www.facebook.com/VeganHomeAndMortgage for more information.



Vegetarian Eco CampPrint
519-803-6315, vegcamp@towardsahimsa.com, www.vegcamp.ca
Looking for fun summer activities for your kids? Whether your kids are vegetarian, vegan, or interested in learning more about a veg-friendly lifestyle, Veg Camp is Canada’s only non denominational vegetarian and vegan overnight summer camp for children! “We welcome all children aged from 9-17 whether they are veg, veg friendly, or simply eco-loving individuals who want to spend a week with like minded kids.” Check out Veg Camp’s website for more information, and for future camp dates, and register now to join in the fun from July 10th-15th, 2016!



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