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December 31, 2014

Care of Sonal Batavia

Sandwiched between urban veg foodie favourites Fresh and Freshii — on the corner of Spadina and Richmond, The Loving Hut had come into my peripherals many times in the past few years, but admittedly I had written it off for years on account of an uninviting appearance (I’m a marketer, what can I say).

As per my premonition, the interior left much to be desired, the menu was confused about its ethnicity — stir fries, tacos, curries, noodles, soups, sandwiches, burgers — and generally the place prompted memories of the veg places I used to frequent during my university days in Waterloo; cheap, fast, and healthy-ish.

On the flip side, I was surprised to find that it was all organic and not expensive. After a quick look at the options I opted in for the tofu club sandwich ($11.25). Mainly because being able to actually order a club sandwich was a dreamy prospect, the visual aids were quite convincing, and if it was a complete disaster there was a side fries to save the day.

Ten minutes later it arrived…. and it was the real deal. Golden toasted triangle slices stacked high, perfect sectionals of lettuce, tomatoes and seasoned tofu salad peaking through, all held together in toothpicks. It was delicious; I finished every last bite…and every crispy savoury french fry.

My colleagues who opted for the healthier choices raved about their lunch specials; the Eggplant with Blackbean Sauce ($10.25), Tofu Mixed Vegetables ($10.25) that came with a side of rice and generous enough portions to either share with a friend or save for tomorrow’s lunch.

A few weeks later, the morning after our company holiday soiree, we mass ordered take out for our entire team of 20 not vegetarians, for some hangover remedy. Needing a pick me up, I went for the Four Seasons Eggplant ($11.25) with my choice of a black bean sauce. In addition to flavourful cooked eggplant, it was some of the tastiest tofu I had eaten outside in a long time. It had that creamy melt in your mouth texture, reminiscent of some of the premium house made tofu varieties I had sampled in expensive restaurants in the city.

So trial two confirmed — it wasn’t just hunger, or my obsession with bread and french-fries. The next time you wander the neighborhood for your green smoothie fix, take a stroll across the street — I assure you will find something to love at the Loving Hut.

Where140 Spadina (Just south of Queen Street)

Veg Status: All vegan

Discount: 10%

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