A 3-Day Pizza Diet


June 30, 2014

Our celebration of Vegan Pizza Day continues…

By Izzy Arhbeck, Directory Assistant

If you are like me and cannot live a day without thinking about pizza, you will appreciate this post.

I don’t think I have ever eaten so much pizza in my life than I did in the past three days. It might have been coincidental, but over the weekend, I cooked, bought and had pizza delivered.

panago pizza
Our medium pizza from Panago Pizza topped with veg pepperoni and a tropical sauce

My pizza diet began on Friday when a volunteer dropped off three massive pizza crusts (if you are reading this, yes, we do encourage everyone to bring us veg foods). I was the lucky member of staff who got to bring them home. I didn’t think I could eat all three pizzas in one day, so I got my roommates together and we each contributed two or three ingredients. By 6:30 pm we were playing Master Chef and eagerly tried to create the best pizza. I’m biased, but I think my pizza was the best. I sautéed mushrooms, onions, cherry tomatoes and zucchini and put them on top of a pesto primed pizza crust with some arugula. After 25 minutes in the oven and a few dashes of hot sauce, I must say I created quite the combination.

Then Saturday came, which also happened to be Vegan Pizza Day. It’s probably my new favourite holiday. Looking back on my weekend, I guess I could have waited one more day to make those pizzas, but I am not patient when it comes to pizza. So instead I just bought a slice. If you want to know where the best vegan cheese pizza slice in Toronto is, click here or read our previous blog post about vegan pizza options in Toronto.

And just when you think I would have gotten sick of pizza, Panago Pizza brought the TVA staff a complimentary medium pizza today. We ordered a vegan pizza topped with veg pepperoni, vegan Daiya cheese and sweet and smoky tropical sauce- try to picture that without drooling. A man from Panago Pizza knocked on the door and the smell of pizza filled our office. I may have looked at the pizza delivery guy as if he was an angel but the first bite of pizza was truly like a taste of heaven. I think it’s safe to say I will be dreaming of that pizza tonight.

Many people have the notion that vegans eat healthier, and overall we do. I guess I just wanted to remind you that even though we love our veggies and quinoa, it doesn’t mean we can’t indulge in a nice, greasy slice of pizza every once in a while.

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