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June 26, 2014

Care of Sonal Batavia and Izzy Ahrbeck

yam chopsA little Yam Chop came knocking on our door last week. That is, TVA board member Michael Abramson (recently turned local celebrity as Toronto’s very first vegetarian butcher) generously offered to send us lunch from his newly opened restaurant, YamChops. The news alone elicited a few shrieks…maybe even a jump (if you’ve ever visited our office, you can imagine the havoc that ensued).

12 pm on the dot during our weekly staff meeting, a little “Yam Chop” came knocking on our door, with three large paper bags, stamped with the words “Bite off more than you can chew”. And boy were we ready to bite in. (The ‘YamChop’ was actually a lovely woman in a black branded apron, who even agreed to pose for a little photo sesh!).

Some of the delights we got to enjoy included:

‘Tuna’ & crackers: I can’t say I’ve ever had tuna-less tuna so when I read the label on the container I was rather intrigued. It’s been a long time since I enjoyed this classic childhood favourite, and I was not disappointed. Who knew smashed chickpeas and spices could be such a great tuna substitute? I’ll need to buy that one in bulk.

Raw pressed cold juice: Not only were we treated to lunch boxes, but we also had a chance to sample a variety of Yam Chops’ very own AuJus organic, raw, cold-pressed juices. Although we all fought over the Spicy Tango initially, the Pineapple Express packed with apple and mint was the absolute best of the bunch.

Yam ChopsCoconut Bacon: I’m still in disbelief that coconut can be transformed into crunchy, smoky nibbles resembling an omnivore fave. Having never tried bacon in my life, I was the annoying child at the dinner table, constantly asking where it was supposed to go. What started off being used as a light garnish, ended up being pecked from the palm of my hand. (Had there been more, a giant spoon would have been involved).

Grilled Indonesian Tofu Box: This was my favourite dish! The beautiful grill marks and exotic Indonesian spices were enough to transport me to what I can only imagine as the deliciousness of Bali. Filling and protein filled, yes please.

Not only were the lunch boxes delicious, filling and shareable, but they left us feeling productive for the rest of the day — a pleasant change from the typical fare of delivery food. And the good news is – every time you flash your Toronto Veg Card you’ll get 10% off!

YamChops, thanks for the special delivery. Feel free to cater our lunches anytime. Really we don’t mind! P.S You’re going on speed dial.

Discount: 10% off

Veg Status: All vegetarian

Where: 705 College Street (between Bathurst and Ossington)

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