Party Time at the Office


June 6, 2014

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator

It’s been a pretty joyful week at the TVA office. Why you ask?

It’s that time of the year where the staff team expands with the summer Directory and Festival assistants joining us in the office.

staff meetingWorking at TVA is always great as it is, but there is always a change in the air when the Directory and Festival assistants begin and there are more people around. It means there’s enough bodies to warrant a weekly staff meeting, something I look forward to that can involve themed potlucks and usually pie (note: see photo of our first meeting this year!).

It means there are more people to have lunch with in the park. It means there’s an excuse to bring in a teapot and make shared pots of tea. It means there’s more people to share in cleaning the washroom! It means there’s more people to lean on when your workload becomes too intense and you need a bit of help.

And of course, it means there are more people to share viral dog and cat videos with when you need a break.

So, without further ado, I’d like to introduce you to two wonderful ladies that I’m thrilled to have join me this summer at work!

Izzy: Izzy is our vegetarian directory assistant this summer. If you’re a local business owner reading this, you can expect a phone call from her soon! She joins us from Sudbury although she was born in Tokyo and has lived in many countries around the world.

Favourite vegetarian restaurant: Urban Herbivore, but she also loves Thai food.

izzy and sonalFavourite vacation spot: She thinks it will be Ireland which she’s been saving up to go to for years!

Favourite tea: Ginger green

Something special you won’t know about Izzy: Her dog’s name is Otto, but when she first got him she was going through a Michael Jackson phase and would secretly call him MJ behind her mother’s back (this would confuse his training).

Sonal: Sonal is our Festival Assistant and makes the commute down each day from East Markham. She is also on the board for Endeavor, a non-profit that does volunteer consulting for other organisations.

Favourite vegetarian restaurants: Guru Lakshmi, Tenon and Fresh

Favourite vacation spot: Udaipur, India

Favourite Tea: White Chocolate Peppermint from Teavana

Something special you don’t know about Sonal: She hopes to write a book some day that speaks to people across the globe.

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