A Green Surprise Amidst a White Winter


March 29, 2014

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator

IMG_6582I can remember like it was yesterday the first time I received a phone call from Green Zebra Kitchen. It was a few summers ago, and they had listed their business in the Vegetarian Directory. They were phoning to say that the directory had given their business a huge boost and as a thank you to TVA, they wanted to bring us a sample of their food.

The TVA staff were treated to a delivery of cauliflower mac ‘n cheese and soft and gooey lavender chocolate chip cookies. We were all floored by how incredibly delicious the food was. We immediately knew we wanted to build a stronger relationship with this amazing meal delivery company and soon we had them booked to cater our volunteer party after the Vegetarian Food Festival.

Since then we’ve been thrilled to have them involved at the food festival, the vegan bake-off and more. Have you tried their “ice cream” sandwiches?!

But I won’t lie…I’m perhaps even more thrilled that they continue to spoil us with surprise deliveries now and again!

Two weeks ago they brought over some new items which once again, blew my mind. The delivery really gave us an idea of the abundance of healthy (did we mention it’s all gluten-free too?), homemade food that regular delivery customers get to have for meals each week.

IMG_6584The delivery includes three days worth of salads, snacks, hot meals and desserts.

A stuffed zucchini was filled with spiced quinoa and red beans, and topped with an amazing cheesy sauce of some kind (I’m guessing cashews? But don’t quote me on that!).

Their brand new cocoa balls were a real delight. They were rich and chocolaty and coated in coconut flakes.

I promise this is my last reference to being sick of winter, but really, I think during a long winter like the one we’ve been having, we’re all a bit happy if we have the opportunity to have food brought TO us rather than having to go out and get it ourselves. Green Zebra Kitchen is the perfect solution.

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