Veggie Spirit with Bhakti Lounge: Special Members-Only Event!


March 21, 2014

veggiespiritBhakti Lounge is hosting an evening for TVA members only on April 24th at 6:30.

$10 gets you a vegan feast, yoga and the following presentation. Please register directly with Bhakti Lounge at

You are what you eat – is it true or a bit of an exaggeration ? Most of us have been veg for a while, healthy lifestyle choices is the way to go. You know the health benefits of a clean, sustainable, earth-loving, and animal-friendly lifestyle. Indeed, thumbing through creative veg cookbooks and scrolling down recipe blogs can be an exciting thing. What am I going to cook up today? A holistic meal for my body – is there more to food than sustaining a healthy body?

Explore with us the ancient Yoga texts for deeper insight into the power of food and its ability to transform the inner and outer environment. Can the quality of food change the destiny of the planet ? Deep dive into meditation with special Bhakti yoga cooks and discover the secret ingredient that can bring out the full potential of the meal on your dinner table.

Discover the finer flavours of a consciousness cooking, and learn the spiritual under-the-table secret of freeing the tongue, and tasting a fresher world with renewed senses and soul. Join us for a deep discussion, mantra meditation, yoga flexing and of course, a delicious vegan feast.

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