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February 25, 2014

The Beet
BBQ Tofu Wrap with Side Salad

Care of Barbi Lazarus

When the Vegetarians of High Park recently visited the Beet for dinner, it was a great opportunity to see (and salivate over) almost all of their amazing vegetarian and vegan options.

I decided for once I would try something other than my usual favourite, the vegan mac and cheese. The Beet’s dairy-free version of this classic dish is so creamy and topped with not only breadcrumbs but hemp hearts too, that it’s usually hard for me to resist ordering it.

But this time, I opted for the kale ceasar salad and a side of vegan poutine. The kale ceasar was incredible and tasted just like how I remember the much more cruel version that usually includes lots of heavy cream and anchovies. It was topped with plenty of seeds and mixed with crunchy croutons. The poutine was made from a vegetarian gravy and dairy-free cheese on top of big, thick, fluffy potatoe wedges, a mix of both white and sweet potatoes.

While I thoroughly enjoyed my meal, it was hard not to want a taste of what I watched my friends eat. The BBQ tempeh wrap looked delicious, as did the creamy chickpea curry dish which you can order on top of quinoa or in a wrap. All mains come with a nice side salad to top it off.

We were all pretty full by the time dessert time came around, but the menu sure did look enticing, with three vegan cheesecakes on offer!

Discount: 10% off 

Veg Status: Vegan-friendly

Where: 2945 Dundas Street West, in the Junction

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