Breakfast each day keeps the nightmares away


December 4, 2013

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator

We’ve all heard many reasons why it’s important to start your day with a hearty breakfast: it gets your metabolism moving, keeps you feeling full so you avoid snacking on junk before lunchtime, yada yada yada. That’s all true, but there’s another reason why I start every single day with a delicious breakfast: it guarantees that I have something to smile about each and every day.

pancakesI enjoy so many different breakfast foods I often find it difficult to decide what I’ll have for breakfast, and usually spend way too much time before bed deciding what I’ll eat the next morning. Of course, there are pancakes, glorious pancakes! This is probably my favourite breakfast food, and there are so many different kinds I adore. You may recall the Hot Chocolate Pancakes from an old issue of eLifelines. Jae steele is the pancake master with banana pancakes in her first book and lemon poppy seed pancakes in her second, both which turn out perfect every time and which I make almost weekly. I’m also a huge fan of Chocolate Covered Katie’s Banana Split Pancakes which taste like dessert but are totally healthy!

Speaking of Chocolate Covered Katie, her recipe for Cookie Dough Baked Oatmeal is incredible. If there is one piece of advice you take from me in life, ever, let it be this: make this oatmeal now and have it for breakfast tomorrow. It is so decadent, ooey gooey and delicious, and so good for you. It’s the perfect breakfast: oats for fibre and lowering cholesterol, a wee bit of chocolate for antioxidants and reducing blood pressure, bananas or apple sauce for a bit of fruit, and you can add in peanut butter too if you’d like to get some extra protein! I take her recipe and triple it, so that I have breakfast ready as quickly as toast in the morning for a few days.

waffles with bananaBut that doesn’t mean I don’t also enjoy toast. Yes, even plain old toast I find so delicious and truly look forward to. Some of the ways I enjoy toast are with a bit of Becel vegan margarine, cinnamon and hemp seeds, or with one of Peanut Butter and Company’s special flavoured peanut butters like maple or white chocolate (again, I love to sprinkle cinnamon and hemp seeds on top), or classic “butter” and jam. But my absolute favourite toast topping is just mashed avocado (with hemp seeds again).

I could go on, but this post is getting long and I’m sure you’re getting hungry and want to get into the kitchen! The point I’m trying to make is I LOVE, absolutely LOVE all of these meals just as much as a hearty dinner or sweet dessert. They cause me to literally ramble on and on while I’m eating about how delicious they are.

This means that no matter what else the day brings, even if something awful and disastorous happens, at the end of the day, I’ve got something to smile about. If someone says “How was your day?”, I will definitely have something positive to share. When I get into bed at night and pull out my pleasure journal, I always have at least one thing I can record that brought a smile to my face.

If you start your day with good food, you’re guaranteed something positive to reflect on when it’s over. Try it!

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