Pizza with a Twist


November 14, 2013

By Autumn Ladoucer, Past Communications Intern

AutumnCompared with other pizza restaurants, Pizza Rustica was one of the best I’ve ever eaten at when it comes to vegan fare.

Barbi and I experienced Pizza Rustica for the first time this past Monday. The menu was very impressive. There are tons of options for vegans, including a whole vegetarian pizza menu where Daiya cheese can be used instead of cow cheese.

The pizza we found most intriguing was the “Mexicana”, which Pizza Rustica describes as, “Chipotle pesto sauce, vegan ground “meat”, Daiya mozzarella and pepper jack cheddar, corn, hot peppers, organic back beans and green onions. Topped with fresh avocados and cilantro.”

It was a thin-crust pizza, loaded with toppings, perfect for one.  The hot peppers added a great bite to the meal, although this tasted more like Mexican food than pizza and fresh toppings gave the pizza more of a cold feel. If you are looking to bite into a warm, hearty slice of traditional pizza I would suggest trying one of their other offerings.

We also ordered the “Vegan Bolognese” pasta. Pizza Rustica describes it as, “Seasoned organic vegan ground”meat” & tomato sauce.  Tossed with gluten free quinoa & brown rice penne.”  I really enjoyed this dish. It was the Italian food I was craving and I’ve never been able to order veggie meat sauce in a restaurant before so it was a new experience for me.

Pizza Rustica offers one vegan dessert, a layered pear and apple cake, but unfortunately when Barbi and I were there they were all out!

To try this and all the other vegetarian dishes they have to offer, I would say, is the perfect reason to go back to Pizza Rustica. I will admit that the menu items are pretty pricy, but never fear! Pizza Rustica will be participating in this year’s Veggielicous! So you can try this great food at a discounted price.  Click here for more information.

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