Toronto Has it All


October 25, 2013

By Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator

If you’re vegetarian, follow social media, and like to eat, by now you’ve certainly heard about the newest vegan bakery to open up, Through Being Cool. Blog posts and instagram shots galore have been spreading like wildfire, so I won’t go into too many details that others have already described oh-so-well about how fantastic their goodies are (you can just do a quick google search for Through Being Cool Vegan if you want the drool-worthy details).

Through Being Cool donuts donutI had the pleasure of stopping by on my day off a couple weeks ago. As I sat on the subway home just staring at my bag of food in anticipation, I was suddenly overcome with a sense of awe, wonderment and excitement about where Toronto’s veg scene is at, and the fact that certainly this must represent a growing demand for vegetarian options.

For those who think that vegans live with any sort of deprivation, let me just summarize where we stand here in Toronto:

Donuts, apple fritters, pretzels and ooey gooey pizza buns? Check. (That would be the delicious spread from Through Being Cool you see on the right).

Tacos and burrittos with all the fixings? Check (Hot Beans or Rancho Relaxo come to mind, but we also recently heard from some other Mexican places that they’ve added new veg options too).

Pizza galore? Super check! You can get vegan pizza on just about every street corner now that Mamma’s Pizza and Pizzaiolo carry Daiya cheese, along with a number of independant pizza places such as Famosa, Pizza Rustica and By the Slice.

Chocolate croissants and BLT sandwiches? Tori’s Bake Shop has you covered.

Superfood EateriesAnd if it’s classic “chicken” fingers or gooey, melty “cheese” to make your own mac n cheese you remember from childhood, you can pick it up at any No Frills or Loblaws.

So, it’s clear that pretty much any animal-based product you may have enjoyed as a meat-eater can be found in Toronto somewhere.

But if you’re looking for healthier options that don’t mimic milk and meat, that’s easy peasy too! It used to be that it was only in expensive, sit down restaurants you could get healthier options, but now you get raw and gluten-free food to-go from Superfood Eateries or Kupfert and Kim. Rawlicious restaurants are expanding all the time, with locations in Barrie, Markham and their latest franchise opening in Oshawa.

Oh, and of course, how could I forget. This city even has a vegetarian LIBRARY and BOOKSTORE! I swear this is not just me trying to do some self-promotion for the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s Resource Centre. Let’s face it, that is pretty darn cool!

So, while I can understand why someone living in a log cabin up in the woods somewhere might be missing their comfort food, for us here in Toronto, there’s really nothing that’s not at the tip of our fingers (or tongues).

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