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October 17, 2013

IMG_4752When I set the October Vegetarians of High Park dinner for the new Junction location of Magic Oven, I told the group to look forward to a wonderful array of vegetarian pizza options, including both cheeseless vegan pizzas and ones topped with dairy-free cheese. I had already made up my mind I was probably going to order their delicious Tandoori Potato Magic pizza I had ordered before, topped with sweet potatoes and delicious Indian spices.

But when we arrived at this more upscale-in-decor location, my fellow group members pointed out to me that as yummy as their pizza is, there is so much more to their menu! In addition to the wide range of vegetarian and vegan pizzas (either pre-set items or build-your-own from their endless list of toppings), there are pastas full of fresh veggies, kale-hummus wraps and numerous salads. I was tempted to order a number of different appetizers when I saw the many vegetarian options such as samosas, chickpea power soup and rosemary sweet potatoes.

However after a very convincing recommendation, I opted for the stir-fry napa cabbage with chillis (which was served warm and super spicy) and the BBQ tofu sandwich. It did not disappoint. My sandwich came in a toasted whole wheat wrap, with a sweet BBQ sauce stuffed with spinach and onions, and a side of fluffy french fries. I was completely satiated by the end of it, but I lived vicariously watching the good company I was with indulge in some vegan raspberry mousse for dessert.

A great end to the night was when we all pulled out our Toronto Veg Cards and got 10% off our delicious meals!

IMG_4751Discount: 10% off

Veg Status: Vegetarian and vegan friendly.

Where: Six locations across Toronto, including the Junction, Queen Street, Danforth and more. Click here for a full list.

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