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July 29, 2013

Care of Karin Thomas

Superfood EateriesWhat’s the perfect food for summer in Toronto? Superfood! Superfood Eateries, that is. When you don’t want to spend your days slaving over a hot stove, run down to Superfood Eateries to savour the delicious raw, vegan, gluten free, organic, non-GMO gastronomic delights from Luciano Losiggio and Amy DeWolfe. Who says healthy can’t be gourmet quality?
Don’t worry about placing your order and waiting anxiously for your food to be prepared (while checking your watch every 30 seconds). Superfood knows you’re in a hurry. Simply walk over to the cooler, grab whatever tickles your fancy, and go! Or, if you’ve got some time, pull up an ottoman in the cozy eating area, kick back, and enjoy your meal in house.
Choose from a wide menu of decadent smoothies, nourishing juices, superstar salads, and mouthwatering mains like zucchini manicotti, tacos, Pad Thai, nachos, and pizza! Just because this food is healthy, doesn’t mean you have to skip dessert. With remineralizing chocolate cake, mood-elevating hemp balls, and their daily cheesecake, Superfood has your sweet tooth fix (without the nasty sugar crash an hour later)! These desserts are totally decadent, yet overflowing with nutritious, powerhouse ingredients. Your body will thank you.
What’s that? Late for work again and no time for breakfast? No problem! Superfood has you late risers covered too… granola with almond milk, chia pudding, coconut parfait, and fruit salad with coconut cream!
Want to take your health to a whole new level but afraid to do it on your own? Become a sparkly unicorn wellness warrior with a Superfood Liquid Cleanse. Choose from as little as one day, all the way up to eight days. They even deliver if you live or work downtown. With decadent drinks like Bombshell, Flying High, Staycation, and Spring Break, Superfood makes cleansing easy and a treat for your tastebuds.
Make sure you flash your Veg Card too because TVA members get a 15% discount!
To quote co-owner Luciano Losiggio, the foods at Superfood Eateries “are prepared with love, by happy humans, in an atmosphere of joy, with reverence for all life, and they will seduce your senses”. And who could ask for more than that?

Discount: 15% off

Veg Status? All vegan

Where? 268 Adelaide West (At Adelaide and John)

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