Viva La Lemons!


June 28, 2013

Care of Amy Symington

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Lemons are unquestionably the most versatile fruit known to human kind, used worldwide not only for eating purposes, but also for other vital household remedies as well. It is great for freshening and sanitizing any surface area, removing unwanted arm pit stains from your favourite t-shirt, and is an amazing cleaning agent for all that copper, brass or stainless steel you need looked after.  It is also there to soothe your scratchy throat while simultaneously giving you those show stopping summer highlights you have always dreamed of.

In terms of health related areas, the consumption of lemons have been correlated with a variety of beneficial properties. Due to their high vitamin C content they neutralize free radicals and increase iron absorption if eaten in combination with iron rich foods. Due to their high potassium content they have been shown to help with the control of high blood pressure. Other health benefits include reducing the occurrence of kidney stones, phlegm related asthma, constipation and toxins found in the body, as well as aiding in overall digestion.

However, most importantly, lemons are the king of all flavour enhancers. They boost any dish’s taste profile without adding any additional and unwanted fat, sugar or salt. Lemon juice in particular is a staple for salad dressings, stews, chilis, ratatouilles, tagines, curries and soups. Just add a tablespoon or two at the end of preparation to instantly boost its tasty status. Its zest is an absolute necessary addition to all cakes, pastries, muffins, tarts or cookies. Lastly and inarguably no glass of water, fizzy drink, cocktail or mocktail is complete without a wedge of tart and tangy lemon.


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