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May 29, 2013

Care of Karin Tomas

IMG_0614-001Located on the Danforth, just steps from Donlands subway stop, Dukem Restaurant offers a casual, relaxed setting to enjoy all the rich flavours of Ethiopia. As you enter the restaurant through a thick set of curtains, you’re met with the wonderful aroma of spices, the sounds of African and Reggae music, and a warm, friendly greeting from the owner.

Start your meal off with a delicious bowl of lentil soup or one of two salad options.

The best way to experience Ethiopian cuisine is with a communal combination platter. A portion for two people (which would easily serve three) features a large variety of vegan dishes and a plate of neatly folded crepe-like bread (Injira) served alongside your platter. As is tradition, your meal is eaten by hand using the Injira to scoop up the delicious, perfectly spiced offerings.

The vegetarian combo platter offers a huge selection. You’ll get chickpeas in a spicy garlic berbere sauce (Shuro Wat), a mild lentil stew (Misir Alichah), yellow split peas in a mild turmeric sauce (Yekik Alichah), beets and potatoes (Keyser and Dinitch), collard greens (Gomen Wat), lentils in a spicy hot berbere sauce (Yemiser Wot), and cabbage, carrots, and potatoes cooked to perfection in a turmeric sauce (Tikil Gomen).

If you have time, sit back and enjoy a traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony after your meal. Green coffee beans are roasted over hot coals in a brazier and then walked table to table so that all guests can take in the smokey aroma. The beans are then ground, boiled, and put through a multi-step filtering process. In the meantime, small cups are delivered to your table on a serving tray along with an incense burner, releasing waves of Frankincense throughout the restaurant. Next, your coffee arrives and is served with a bowl of freshly popped popcorn. A unique way to end your meal!

Dukem is the perfect place for those looking for a new dining experience, or for those who are already fans of Ethiopian cuisine. Top it off with a whopping 15% discount for Veg Card holders and you’ve got the perfect evening out.

Discount: 15% off

Veg Status? Veg options

Where? 950 Danforth Avenue

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