How about a date?


April 26, 2013

Care of Amy Symington

The date palm tree is cultivated for its succulently sweet fruit.  Found in dried, fresh, crystal or syrup form its uses are unending. The date fruit is the most widely known use of the date palm tree, however there are an array of additional uses as well.  The tree is also tapped for its sap which is made into sugar and molasses, its leaves are harvested and eaten as vegetables and its seeds are ground and used for bread.

Dates are a very good source of potassium and antioxidants, rich in iron, protein and fibre and contain significant amounts of trace minerals like copper, manganese and magnesium.  When consumed they also provide a more stable increase in blood sugar levels than other sweeteners like sugar.

Dates are used in many culturally diverse cuisines from Moroccan to Libyan to South Asian.  Anything from couscous dishes, to tagines to curries are fair game and date friendly.

Some other delish date delicacies include eggplant “bacon” wrapped dates, almond stuffed dates, date glazed tempeh and fresh dates with cashew cream.  Of course who can forget what dates are most infamous for: sweet treats.  Date nut bread, date squares, date tarts, date puddings, date truffles, date sweetened smoothies and Grandma’s famous oatmeal cookies with date filling often come to mind.

Dates are also a great way to satisfy that sweet tooth and provide more pep to your step without all the additional processed sugar, fat and energy crashes that desserts often bring.

Enjoy your date(s)!

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