Host a Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale for TVA


February 15, 2013



It’s simple!

  • Hold a vegan bake sale
  • Raise money for your cause of choice (we’re hoping that’ll be us!)
  • Promote delicious, cruelty-free food
  • Be part of a fun, global event that helps people, animals and the planet!

Sign up today to host your own vegan bake sale during the week of April 20th to 28th!

3 Easy Steps to Holding Your Bake Sale

Step 1 – Pick a date and a venue

  • We’ve got tips to help you find a venue!
  • This will give us all the info we need to help promote your bake sale to our networks, and will give you the option to order any free literature you might want to hand out like vegetarian directories or vegan recipe booklets
  • We’ve also got tips to help you promote the sale in your neighbourhood
  • Don’t forget to ask friends and family to help you bake if you need a hand!

Step 2 – Register and promote your bake sale

Step 3 – Bake and have fun!

Click here to send us a quick email saying you’d like to hold a bake sale and we’ll send you tips and other helpful info!

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