Vegetarian Directory Updates – February 2013


February 4, 2013

New Vegan Food To Go!vd13-kupfert kim

Kupfert & Kim: wheatless & meatless (100 King St. W., Concourse level) has just opened, to the delight of downtown workers. Angeline writes; “It is with jumping up and down excitement that I am pleased to announce a beautiful, delicious and nutritious new vegan take-out company in the concourse level of First Canadian Place (King & Bay, connected to the Path).  Everything is vegan and gluten free.  I just finished devouring a big box full of Oaxaca – fabulous quinoa, black beans, beets, guacamole, cilantro, arugula, daikon radish, lime wedge and corn chips.  It cost under $10 with tax.” Join them for breakfast from 8-10:30 for granola, quinoa and steel cut oats with your choice of toppings and 4 kinds of vegan milks. Lunch is served from 11-3:30 where you can enjoy salads, brown rice dishes and soup. Just looking for a pick me up? They serve Te Aro roasted coffees, energy balls and cookies from Bunner’s.

Veggie Paradise writes: “Through our Mealsvd13- veggie paradise sizzlin aubergine tofu-2-Go line, we provide fellow vegans with animal-free and gluten-free meals that can be picked up at local natural food grocers for those on-the-run. Veggie Paradise also specializes in dry & frozen vegetarian protein solutions, and only supplies the highest in quality and taste. Veggie Paradise manufactures frozen, prepared meals for whole families to enjoy!” See their website for places to buy or visit their headquarters in Mississauga and use your Toronto Veg Card on their frozen foods and receive 10% off.

Daiya Revolution

We’ve always loved Pizzaiolo for offering so many vegetarians and vegan pizzas by the slice, but they’ve upped their game! For no extra charge you can order a pizza with Daiya vegan cheese!  The menu lists it as Gluten-Free Cheese (vegetable based) but we have word from head office that it is indeed Daiya!

UPDATE Karam writes: “We tried ordering a vegan pie from Pizzaiolo with daiya and it didn’t happen. The 2 locations we tried; Queen and Broadview and Danforth didn’t know what  we were talking about. Yonge and King did have it in stock but didn’t have enough to make a pizza. Seems they haven’t rolled it out yet even though it’s listed on their site. We talked to head office to try to clear it up. They mentioned that the demand is NIL in some areas but eventually agreed that they can’t increase demand if some locations don’t stock it..” Hear that Toronto? Keep asking for it, and make it happen everywhere!

UPDATE Barbi writes: “We just got an update about Pizzaiolo and Daiya cheese. While at many locations it seems you can only order entire pizzas with the Daiya, at the Yonge and Bloor location across from the Reference Library, you can also have it added to your individual slice!!”

Organic Deliveryvd13 mama earth square

Mama Earth Organics  is the only 100% organic produce vegetarian delivery service in Toronto! They deliver fresh bins of certified-organic fruits and vegetables to homes in and around the GTA on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. They offer flexibility that you can skip a week, cancel or customize your basket at anytime and they don’t require prepayments, just a $10 start up fee. If there is produce that you don’t like at all you can pick your “never send” items. They also work their favorite small businesses and artisans in Toronto and offer their items at the same price as offered in their stores such as Ying Ying Organic Gourmet Tofu, Brick Street Bakery, The Remarkable Bean for coffee amongst others.

New Vegan Options in Kensington Marketvd13-thomas lavers vegan ruben

Thomas Lavers Cannery and Deli (193 Baldwin St., 647-351-1959) writes: “Currently 2 of our 6 sandwiches are vegan. One is a vegan Reuben with house made vegan pastrami, thousand island dressing and sauerkraut. The other is a vegan banh mi with our house made vegan BBQ pork, Kim chi jam, mushroom & walnut pâté and wasabi mayo. We’ve also just created a vegan pimento loaf that is like the lunch meat that has olives and macaroni in it. As time goes on, we will be creating new vegan sandwiches. 95% of our store is veg and probably 80% is vegan. We are currently working with wvrst (the sausage restaurant on king) to be their supplier of vegan sausages. We have 3 recipes that will soon be available there and for purchase at our store. An eggless pasta and a gluten free pasta are also in the works.”
vd13-samadhi tea house
Samadhi Teahouse (160 Baldwin St. 647-725-3636) is new on the block. Jess writes: “They have raw pizza and the most amazing truffle i’ve ever had. I hung out with Hamed, the owner, and “cook” for a bit, talking about my love of all things raw pizza ha. They gave me two mini pizza samples. They are open Tuesday-Sunday, 12pm-8:30 pm.”

On Hold

Kupcakes Bakeshop writes “This This February marks our one year anniversary! We will be taking this opportunity to grow and expand our services to be able to offer a wider range of Vegan and Gluten-Free products. As of February 4, 2013 we will no longer be accepting orders.  Our Facebook page will remain active so be on the lookout for updates!”

West of Toronto Update

Sherry writes: “We have an indoor market on Saturdays in Burlington (10-3) until March 23. See the Facebook page for address details. Sweet Potato Johnny comes from St. Catharines and has a table there. The vegan items include Sweet Potato Burgers, Sweet Potato Chili, Sweet Potato Waffles, Roasted Sweet Potato Coconut Soup, Sweet Potato Hummus, Sweet Potato Rice Pudding, and finally Sweet Potato Roasted Red Pepper Corn and Jalapeno Soup. There are a couple of other options that are vegetarian.

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