Vegetarian Travel Translation Cards and Glossaries


January 17, 2013

Sabe Rico restaurant with lots of vegan optionsThanks to the bright ideas of TVA volunteer extraordinaire Sally Grande, TVA is proud to announce the release of vegetarian travel translation cards! These cards serve the purpose of allowing you to dine as you travel the world and face language barriers. The cards say in both English and their respective language: “I am vegan. Please make sure there is no meat, no fish or fish sauce, no milk, no butter, no cheese, no milk powder or meat broth in my food”. Present the card to your server when traveling in another country and feel confident that your diet is understood.

The travel cards are available in the TVA Resource Centre or can be downloaded and printed from the links below.

Vegan Passport

The Vegan Society in the UK also sells a printed “Vegan Passport”, which translates similar phrases in dozens of global languages. Click here to purchase your pocket-sized vegan passport.

Got an iPhone?

Also, check out the Veggie Passport’s iPhone application! It translates phrases about being vegetarian in 33 languages!

Vegan Travel Glossaries

Use these handy vegan travel glossaries, created by TVA volunteer Marco Pagliarulo, to help you speak with servers and owners of restaurants in Italian, Spanish or French. It lists helpful phrases to start a conversation about your diet, and also lists numerous vegan and non-vegan food items you may wish to ask about.

Vegan Italian travel glossary

Vegan Spanish travel glossary

Vegan French travel glossary

street vendor in La AntiguaVegan Survival Guide to Central America

Care of Marco Pagliarulo

Download the Vegan Survival Guide to Central America to find answers to questions such as: is it hard to travel in South America as a vegan? Where should you look for vegan options? What are some examples of vegan South American dishes? Plus, a glossary of phrases you can use when ordering food or asking questions!

You can also click here to hear Marco’s Toronto Vegetarian Podcast interview about vegan travels in Central America.

Vegan Survival Guide to Central America

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