Discount Profile: Noah’s Natural Foods


December 18, 2012

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One of the great things about going vegetarian is learning about a wide variety of foods and food products that you may have never thought to try before! Suddenly the world has expanded and you’re discovering things like soy milk and tofu, new grains like quinoa and spelt flour, and you’re experimenting with meat substitues like seiten and tempeh.

Noah’s Natural Foods is a natural food store where you can find these products and much more. They sell everything from organic fruits and vegetables, to bulk grains and legumes, frozen and prepared organic and vegetarian meals, and you can even make your own natural peanut butter from freshly ground peanuts. In addition to food products, they sell things like natural soaps and cleaning products.

A Toronto Veg Card, offering a 5% discount at Noah’s, will go a long way in saving money if you shop for organic and vegetarian foods on a regular basis.

Where? Only the Bloor/Spadina location honours the discount.

Veg Status? Vegan and vegetarian options

Savings with Toronto Veg Card: 5%

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