10 Easy Ways to Use Sprouts


December 17, 2012

Care of Lisa Pitman

Photo care of Vegan Cookbook Critic

1. Add fresh sprouts to any salad or rice bowl to boost the nutritional profile.

2. Dump a handful of green sprouts (e.g. sunflower sprouts) into a fruit smoothie to satisfy your greens quotient.
3. Make your own Essene or Manna bread by combining sprouted wheat berries, a drizzle of olive oil and your favourite flavour additions (raisins, cinnamon, nuts, seeds, etc.). Bake small loaves slowly at a low heat in your oven or dehydrator.
4. Enjoy sprouted quinoa or sprouted lentils as the base of a hearty summer salad.
5. Stuff a handful of sprouts into a whole wheat pita with roasted veggies and hummus for a protein-packed lunch.
6. Wander over to your local juice-bar for a shot of wheatgrass sprouts.
7. Use sprouted flax or chia as the base for an Omega-rich cracker.
8. Enrich your favourite smoothie with extra protein by the powder of ground sprouts – lentil, flax, chia, pea (you can make your own or use a commercial source like Vega).
9. Puree green sprouts into your favourite dips – hummus, white bean, nuts – to add fresh flavour.
10. Beautify your plate by garnishing everything this summer with a handful of sprouts (all the restaurants are doing it). Pizza, soup, salad – it all looks fresher with a little sprout action.

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