Discount Profile: Loving Hut


December 14, 2012

Loving HutWhen I walked into Loving Hut’s Queen and Spadina location, I was pleasantly surprised with the decor. It’s a larger restaurant than I was imagining and was brightly decorated with cozy, white booths and lots of sunlight.

The menu was tricky to navigate, only because there were so many fabulous options! My mouth watered looking at the pictures and descriptions of wonton soup, sweet and sour fireball, savoury crisp and singapore star. But it wasn’t all mock versions of typical Chinese dishes.There was an array of luring drinks including mango and avocado smoothies.

It took a while, but finally my friend and I narrowed it down to an avocado smoothie, the spicy cha cha and the sweet and sour fireball. The smoothie was thick and rich. The spicy cha cha had a nice crispy batter and was surrounded by plenty of onions and celery. The sweet ‘n sour fireball had a lovely, gooey sauce and the mushroom filling was quite tasty.

Loving HutWe of course topped it all off with some cheesecake for dessert. Check out their website to see photos of their menu for yourself, and get ready to plan your visit! Don’t forget your Toronto Veg Card to give you 10% off your bill.

TVA Discount? 10% off

Veg Status? Vegan

Where? 140 Spadina Avenue (just south of Queen)

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