Discount Profile: Kensington Natural Bakery


December 13, 2012

After the 2010 TVA annual general meeting a few of us decided to grab a bite to eat, so we went old school on Bloor and reconnected with Kensington Natural Bakery & Café (460 Bloor Street West, 416-534-1294). Maybe one of our readers can correct us, but this might just be the oldest vegetarian eatery in Toronto, and while it can feel a little like you’re stepping in a time machine when you enter, the good news is that this includes the prices.
KNB (as the cool kids call it) features a meal special in the back where you can choose three items from a wide range of vegan and vegetarian options, which with soup comes to only $5.99. And of course, your Toronto Veg Card gives you an additional 10% savings.
While they are not in Kensington, they are a bakery! You can buy whole pies or just a slice, as well as cookies, date squares, cupcakes, and a wide range of other breads and baked goods. One quick warning, though with their prices this shouldn’t be an issue: while Kensington Natural Bakery accepts the Toronto Veg Card, they don’t take any forms of plastic, so remember to bring cash!

Veg Status? Vegetarian

Savings with Toronto Veg Card: 10% off

Location: 460 Bloor Street West (between Bathurst and Spadina)

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