Be a Plum Bum!


December 5, 2012

Care of Amy Symington

PlumThere is absolutely nothing like sinking your teeth into a perfectly ripe, sweet and succulent plum; the syrupy tart juice dribbling down your cheeks and all over your hands. It is inevitably messy business, but more than worth the sticky clean-up.

Before they become the most flawless looking, shiny, smooth and miniature sized rear ends, they are perfectly picked from small plum trees or shrubs anywhere from the month of May up until September, depending upon where you are located in the world. Prunus domestica, its well suited Latin name literally means “plum tree of the house” as it was one of the first fruits to become domesticated. The stone fruit is spawn from the beautiful, but somewhat thorny pinkish white flowers formed by the tree in early spring.  A spectral of colours from white to green to yellow to red to the most popular bluish purple are available for edible appreciating.

Well known for its high dietary fibre content and natural laxative effects, the plum, or prune in its dried form, is also rich in potassium, fluoride and iron.  It is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin K and a very good source of vitamin C.  It is also high in the antioxidants lutein, cryptoxanthin and zeaxanthin which aid in protecting against free radicals out to damage cells and cause disease.

Aside from just keeping you happy, regular and potentially disease free, plums are just plain delicious. Breakfast in particular was made to celebrate the cornucopia of colours and kinds of plums on offer.  Plum jam, plum and ginger scones, plum streusel muffins, German plum coffee cake, pancakes with plum compote, caramelized plums on waffles, poached plums on toast, plum parfaits…there really is no end to the plum possibilities. Desserts are also an area of their expertise considering such options as grilled plums, plum pie, plum pudding, plum sorbet, and sugar plums are available.

Contemplating the copious amounts of culinary possibilities in combination with their potent nutrient content in addition to their nutritional benefits is enough to make a person just plum tuckered out!

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