Discount Profile: Tori’s Bake Shop


December 4, 2012


Anyone who thinks non-vegans have it better than vegans when it comes to options for eating out in Toronto have clearly never been to Tori’s Bake Shop. Really, could anything be more idyllic than picking up an iced tea and chocolate croissant and taking it with you to the sandy beach just a few blocks away?

Although I had heard about Tori’s before and knew there would be lots of delicious options, I was still floored by what I saw when I arrived. “Bacon” scones with daiya cheese, a colourful array of donuts, butter tarts, fancy chocolates, muffins and of course the famous croissants. The decision of what to get was so difficult, I almost wished they had less to offer!

Fortunately, they give 10% off with the Toronto Veg Card, meaning I was able to try out a savoury scone, bright pink donut and the not-to-be-missed croissant. Then it was off to savour it all down by the beach, watching the waves crash. This is the life.

Discount: 10% off

Veg Status? Vegan, with plenty of gluten-free options too

Where? 2188 Queen St. E.

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