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December 4, 2012

Care of Marilyn Lazarus

A short 20 minute drive up the Don Valley from downtown Toronto, you will find Tenon Vegetarian Cuisine, a Japanese and Thai restaurant.
The air-conditioned restaurant is decorated in the typical Japanese style. Very clean and modern, with a few tatami rooms along one wall. There is also a sushi bar where you can watch your sushi being prepared. Upon entering, we were seated immediately, and hot green tea was served while we studied the menu.

Now for the food. First, we had a very nicely presented plate of six california rolls and an order of salmon sushi. The fake “salmon” slices looked just like real salmon and the texture and taste was almost identical. I actually had to ask to be sure that is wasn’t real fish. All their “seafood” is vegetarian.

Next, came the Veggie “Chicken” Teriyaki ($13.99). Tender, juicy morsels of “chicken” served on a sizzling hot plate, steaming and absolutely delicious. Then, for a nice change, we ordered a Thai Basil “Chicken” dish. This is a must try: a beautiful presentation with just the right amount of spiciness (we asked for medium spicy) which was balanced by the sweetness of the Thai basil and sweet red peppers, served over a bed of steamed rice.

My husband opted to have the Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box. A beautiful red rectangular, five-sectioned tray filled with chicken teriyaki, edamame, california rolls, vegetable tempura and rice. All this for $11.99.

Throughout our meal, our tea cups were constantly refilled, and at the end of our meal we were delivered a deliciously sweet orange.

Discount: 10% off

Veg Status? Vegetarian but you can request your dishes without egg

Where? 8362 Kennedy Rd. in Markham, south of Highway 7

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