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May 1, 2012

This June, the Toronto Vegetarian Association will launch our first-ever Why I’m Veg Week featuring “Why I’m Veg” videos from vegetarians of all shapes and sizes including the famous, the expert and the soon-to-be discovered!

Through these videos, we have the opportunity to inspire thousands of others to consider issues like sustainability, healthy eating and compassion for animals for the first time.

But we need your help!

How to make your Why I’m Veg video

It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

1) Make your video – Making a video is easier than ever before in this age of fancy cell phones, built-in web cams and ubiquitous digital cameras. Videos should be 1-3 minutes in length and tell your personal story. The following questions should help you get started:

Who are you? Tell your viewers a bit about yourself…
Why veg? Tell us when you made your choice and what motivated you.
What helped? Did you face any major challenges? What made it easier?
Why now? What benefits do you continue to credit to your veg diet?

Please feel free to use our campaign logo and don’t forget to sign-off by directing people back to the campaign. If you like you can say “Visit veg.ca/whyveg for more information about the many benefits of plant-based eating.”

2) Share your video – Post your video to Vimeo, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, your blog, the New York Times… use whatever means are at your disposal! Don’t forget to share with family and friends – next time someone asks you why you’re veg… here’s your answer.

3) Enter the contest – Once you’ve created your masterpiece, entering the contest is easy – simply send the link to videocontest@veg.ca by May 30, 2012. We’re lining up some great prize packs for those with videos that make us say wow, awesome, pineapple!

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