Looking for a vegetarian roommate or job?


April 13, 2012

The following are direct links to Craigslist for finding housing, jobs, and personal ads that mention the word “vegetarian”. Craigslist features local community classifieds and forums – all for free, and in a relatively non-commercial environment. There is a Craigslist for most large cities in North America, and several in other parts of the world.

For more categories of ads (such as childcare, ride shares, items for sale, etc.), click on one of the city links below. You can also customize your search. If you post a vegetarian ad through Craigslist, it will show up in our links.

If your city is not listed below, go to Craigslist and select your city from the list (located on the right of every page), then do a search for the word “vegetarian”.

Toronto Craigslist

Housing – find a vegetarian roommate, sublet or apartment.
Search all housing ads for the word “vegetarian”.

Jobs – help wanted and people looking for work.
Search all job ads for the word “vegetarian”.

Also check out Montreal Craigslist, Ottawa Craigslist, VancouverCraigslist and other cities. Search for vegetarian or vegan opportunities.

Looking for a vegetarian job?

Charity Village: http://charityvillage.com
Ethical Careers:http://www.ethicalcareers.org
Environmental Careers Organization: http://eco.org
Environmental Career Opportunities: http://ecojobs.com

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