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Vegetarian Outreach Events – Staff the Toronto Vegetarian Association table at community events and trade shows, answering people’s questions about vegetarianism, promoting a plant-based diet, and spreading the word about the resources and events TVA has to offer.

Committees and Teams – Use your skills and expertise in a variety of areas to help keep the Toronto Vegetarian Association running smoothly.

Chair of Veggie Challenge Team

Lifelines Content Chair

Virtual Volunteer Opportunities – If you’ve got a busy schedule or if you don’t live in the GTA, you can still contribute to our mission to inspire people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle. Check out our volunteer positions that can be done from home.

Other Volunteer OpportunitiesNew positions are popping up all the time! See what projects or upcoming events we have on the go and where we need some extra help right now!

Vegetarian Food Festival: Positions at the 2016 Vegetarian Food Festival are now posted!

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Vegetarian Outreach Events

If you’re interested in tabling for TVA at any of the following events, please email Barbi Lazarus, Donor and Volunteer Resources Coordinator, using the following template:

Name of Event:
Shift(s) Interested In:
First Time Volunteer? (yes/no) (If yes, please include your phone number)
Have you received training from TVA?



Toronto Ferry Docks: Festival of India

When? Saturday, July 16th and Sunday, July 17th (timing is flexible)

Where? The Toronto Island Ferry Docks (at Bay and Queens Quay)

Tell me more:The weekend of the Festival of India, July 13th and 14th, hundreds of people will be lined up at the ferry docks on their way to an enormous vegetarian feast on the Toronto Islands. This is the perfect opportunity to let a large crowd of vegetarians and veg-friendly people know about the upcoming Vegetarian Food Festival in September!


When? Saturday, August 6th and Sunday, August 7th

Shifts Available: 11 am to 2:30 pm, 2:30 to 6 pm

Where? Harbourfront Centre in Toronto

Tell me more: A celebration of music, movement and meditation. This year’s two-day festival includes belly dance, bollywood grooves, martial arts mash up and some hard core yogis. Enjoy workshops, demonstrations and a wellness-based marketplace. Bring your mats to take part before or after your shift!

Vegan Food and Drinks Festival

When? Saturday, August 13th

Shifts Available: 11 am to 2 pm, 2 to 5 pm, 5 to 7 pm

Where? Fort York in Toronto

Tell me more: A vegan festival focused on comfort food, craft beers, wine and spirits. This year they’ve doubled their space, which means double the vendors! Visit veganfestto.com for more info.


Veg Food Fest Pop Up Picnic

When? Friday, August 26th (save the date for a possible second event on September 2nd)

Shifts Available: 12 to 5 pm

Where? Trinity Bellwoods Park in Toronto

Tell me more: We’re hosting a pop-up picnic in Trinity Bellwoods Park! To advertise and build awareness for our 32nd Veg Food Fest, we’ll be bringing blankets and picnic baskets filled with delicious free vegan snacks for park go-ers. We’re looking for volunteers to help with set up, staffing a TVA outreach table, handing out snacks and Veg Food Fest flyers, and clean up.



Coconut Festival

When? Saturday, August 27th

Shifts Available: 10 am to 1 pm, 1 pm to 4 pm, 4 pm to 8 pm

Where? David Pecaut Square (215 King Street West)

Tell me more: A fun day awaits the foodies and the adventurous as hundreds of products from coco jams to full meals will be presented by a diverse lineup of vendors. Immerse your taste buds with different international cuisines showcasing wonderful coconut ingredients! Click here for more info.

Want to take your volunteering to the next level? Become an Outreach Specialist!

Description: Outreach specialists are trained and experienced volunteers in the outreach program who act as mentors to new volunteers, and lead other volunteers on their shifts, ensuring everyone is aware of the goals of the event and that all volunteers are motivated to reach those goals. They also play an important communication connecting link between staff and other volunteers, passing on messages to fellow volunteers and keeping staff informed about events they volunteer at.

Expectations/Qualifications: Outreach specialists should have strong leadership and communication skills, be outgoing and personable, and have completed at least 3 TVA outreach shifts. They are expected to volunteer at least once every two months for a 3 hour shift, although are encouraged to volunteer more frequently or take on a full day table captain shift from time to time.

Outreach specialists must complete the Online Key Messages and Programs Training, as well as a mentor shift with another outreach specialist.

Next Steps: If you’re interested in taking your volunteering with TVA to the next level and becoming an outreach specialist, email volunteer@veg.ca describing your interest in the position and your experience volunteering with TVA.

**Note: If you just began volunteering with TVA and are still interested in becoming an Outreach Specialist, that’s no problem! Let us know of your interest, volunteer for a couple of outreach shifts and we can chat again about becoming an outreach specialist after you’ve volunteered a few times.*

Committees and Teams

Programs Review Committee

Do you have a passion for using your keen analytical skills and your strategic outlook to contribute to the greater good? The Programs Review Committee is a standing committee of the Toronto Vegetarian Association with the role of examining and evaluating new and existing Toronto Vegetarian Association programs, and providing the Board of Directors recommendations to modify, enhance or validate programs, including both program structure and leadership.

Qualifications and Expectations: We are looking for candidates who have diverse backgrounds and skill sets. Candidates with experience in the following areas would be an asset to the committee: program evaluation and design, volunteer management, outreach/activism, program monitoring organizational development and non-profit management. The committee meets once a month for 2 hours and committee members take on projects to complete in between meetings for approximately 4 hours of work per month.

Email volunteer@veg.ca with your resume and cover letter if you are interested.

Nominating and Governance Committee

Are you interested in policy and governance topics related to running a charity? Are you a strategic thinker who likes to see the big picture? Do you want to create a greener, healthier, more peaceful world? The committee’s role is to ensure assist the Board of Directors in meeting its responsibilities with regard to governance policy development for the organization, board and committee recruitment and training, monitoring and evaluation of the Board’s activities.

Qualifications and Expectations: We’re looking for vegetarian and vegetarian-friendly people to help advise and lead our growing organization. We are looking for detail-oriented people who have a good understanding of the Ontario not-for-profit sector, governance on charitable boards of directors, policy development, and human resources. Prior experience serving on a board of directors is an asset, but not necessary. Meetings are typically 2 hours in length and take place in downtown Toronto once a month. Committee members will be expected to take on tasks in between meetings based on their skills and interest.

Application: Send your résumé along with a letter describing your interest in the position and any relevant skills, education or experience to David Alexander.

Marketing and Development Committee

Are you an experienced fundraiser who keeps up with the latest trends in direct mail and donor relations? Do you have knowledge about best practices for marketing & communications?

Qualifications and Expectations: The Toronto Vegetarian Association’s Marketing &  Development Committee is looking for experienced fundraisers and marketers to help secure the donations, sponsorships and grants TVA needs to inspire people to choose a healthier, greener, more compassionate lifestyle, and to streamline and improve our brand and communications. TVA committees typically meet once a month downtown for 2 hours and take home projects or assignments between meetings of approximately 4 hours of work per month.

Application: Please email volunteer@veg.ca with the subject Marketing and Development Committee Application, with a letter outlining your interest in the committee, along with your resume.

IMG-20140601-01497Membership Development Committee

Description: Are you interested in helping the Toronto Vegetarian Association enhance and grow existing and new memberships? Are you experienced with fundraising and membership development? If so, you’re not alone! There are 50,000 people that attend the Veg Food Fest every year, almost 5000 people on our Toronto Veg News mailing list, yet our membership rests at 1500. The Toronto Vegetarian Association’s Membership Development Committee is looking for people to help grow TVA’s membership in 2016 and beyond!

Qualifications and Expectations: Experience in membership development with a background in directly driving membership growth would be an asset. TVA committees typically meet once a month for 2-3 hours and committee members take on projects to complete in between meetings for approximately 4 hours of work per month. All volunteers on TVA committees must be members of the Toronto Vegetarian Association (you can join when you begin volunteering if you are not yet a member).

Next Steps: Please email volunteer@veg.ca with the subject :Membership Development Committee Application, with a letter outlining your interest in the committee, along with your resume.

Cultural Diversity Team

Description: Are you passionate about diversity and inclusion? Have you participated in initiatives that connect and inspire populations of multifarious faiths, races, ages, gender identities, sexual orientations, abilities, classes, and nationalities? And do you want to help the Toronto Vegetarian Association with fundraising and membership development?

The Cultural Diversity Team will oversee a 2-year pilot project to create new outreach tools, translate and culturally adapt education materials, develop key messaging and engagement opportunities for people currently underserved by the Association. It will work with a wide-range of community leaders, volunteers, and organizations in support of a key objective from our strategic plan – to “grow our membership and volunteer base to reflect the diversity of the GTA”.

Qualifications and Expectations: We are looking for passionate and enthusiastic self-starters with leadership skills, who are willing to take ownership over assigned tasks. Experience in project management, knowledge translation and working with diverse cultures is an asset but not necessary. Meetings are typically 2 hours in length, and take place in downtown Toronto once a month. Team members will be expected to take on tasks in between meetings based on their skills and interest of an additional 6-8 hours per month.

Next Steps: Please send your resume along with a letter describing your relevant skills, education and/or interest in the position to Barbi Lazarus at volunteer@veg.ca. If this is your first time volunteering with TVA please also complete the online application form at veg.ca/volunteer.

Chair of the Veggie Challenge Team

Are you a tech-savy, self-starter who’s passionate about inspiring people to go vegetarian? We’re looking for an experienced, enthusiastic, passionate TVA volunteer to lead the Veggie Challenge team, taking the program to the next level and getting more people than ever signed up to try a vegetarian for one week, and beyond!

Position Description

The Veggie Challenge Team meets monthly or bi-monthly to discuss visioning and ideas for expanding the program and tracking it’s success. Ongoing work needed to keep the program running is divided up between team members according to their skills and interests, to complete in between meetings.

We are looking for a new chair of the team with leadership skills who will lead the team, including:

Meeting Coordination – Organizing regular team meetings, preparing agendas, notifying participants, and maintaining up-to-date files

Team Leadership – Moderate team discussions, coordinate the team’s work plan, delegate tasks to team members

Communication – Communicate and meet with team members, the Executive Director and other committee chairs as required

Qualifications and Expectations

We are looking for passionate and enthusiastic self-starters with leadership skills, who are willing to take ownership over the projects they take on.

Being tech and web-savy would be an asset. Veggie Challenge Team members should be vegetarian and all team members will be asked to sign up for the Veggie Challenge and complete the program themselves as part of the orientation.

We are looking for volunteers with a proven track record of commitment, reliability, integrity through volunteering with the TVA.


To apply, please send a your résumé along with a letter describing your interest in the position and any relevant skills, education or experience to: Barbi Lazarus, Volunteer Resources Coordinator volunteer@veg.ca.

Lifelines Content Chair

Do you have experience editing or co-editing a newspaper/publication, and are you great at communicating with team-members? We’re looking for a volunteer Lifelines Content Chair to oversee the strategic goal-setting of TVA’s quarterly newsletter, and manage volunteers to achieve those goals.

Position Description

–    Develop clear aims and objectives in alignment with TVA’s mission and strategic initiatives

–    Set and monitor financial goals for the publication

–    Determine and adjust content as necessary, including a review of current columns and suggestions for improvements

Qualifications and Expectations

–    Previous experience being the editor or co-editor of a publication would be an asset

–    Familiarity with TVA’s mission, vision, values and programs

–    Good communication and teambuilding skills to work with TVA staff and volunteers

–    Initial time commitment of 5-10 hours to meet with TVA staff, approximately 5 hours every quarter moving forward


To apply, please send a your résumé along with a letter describing your interest in the position and any relevant skills, education or experience to: Barbi Lazarus, Volunteer Resources Coordinator volunteer@veg.ca.


Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Letter Writing Team

Do you have a persuasive way with the written word? Are you motivated to respond to media articles that discuss issues you’re passionate about? Then join our Letter Writing Team and help demonstrate to the public that people do care about animals, and that support for vegetarianism is on the rise. Click here to see letters recently submitted and published by members of the TVA letter writing team.

Description: When you join our letter writing team, we’ll alert you to relevant articles in the paper that discuss vegetarianism in either a positive or negative light, so that you can send in your letter of praise or critique to the editor. There will never be an obligation for you to write, but the more letters sent to the editor in response to any particular article, the more likely it is that one of them will get published. Please note: As a member of the letter writing team, you agree that you will be sending in letters to the editor on your own behalf, and NOT as a representative of TVA.

Next Steps: Send an email to Barbi with the subject “Letter Writing Team” to be added to the mailing list.

 Other Volunteer Opportunities

Outreach Set Up and Tear Down Team

Do you want more people in the GTA to learn about the benefits of a vegetarian diet? Do you want to see more people sign up for the Veggie Challenge and Meatless Mondays? And, do you have a car and a few hours to spare each month?

Then join our Set Up and Tear Down Crew for outreach events! Toronto is jam packed with events over the summer months and there’s so many opportunities for TVA to be present. But we can only be there with the help of a driver to transport our materials to and from the TVA office to these great community events.

Description: We’re looking for new people to join our team and help out at an event or two each month this summer season. The role involves picking up materials from the TVA office at a time that’s convenient for you, transporting them to the event on the actual day of the event and setting up the TVA table.

Alternatively, it can be done in the reverse! You can do a tear down shift where you’d pack up the materials at the end of an event, and bring them back to the TVA office at a time that’s convenient for you.

Members of our set up and tear down crew receive a FREE TVA discount card, offering savings at over 80 veg-friendly businesses in the GTA.

Application: Please email Barbi Lazarus with the subject Set Up and Tear Down Team.

COVER-FINALVegetarian Directory Distributors

TVA’s vegetarian directory is the most comprehensive listing of vegetarian and veg-friendly businesses in Toronto. Help us get these directories in as many places as possible so that it’s easy for people to find green, healthy and compassionate food options!

Description: Directory distributors pick up directories from the TVA office (we can also arrange for delivery if necessary), and distribute them to local retailers, businesses and community centres in their neighbourhoods. Distributors also re-stock these locations throughout the year as needed, ideally every two to three weeks.

Qualifications/Expectations: Volunteers are expected to follow up with the Volunteer Coordinator once a month with an update on the status of distribution in their area (i.e where they’ve been distributing to, how many directories have gone out, etc.). While some locations require re-stocking more frequently than others, the general expectation is that you will check in on your area once every few weeks as needed.

Where? We are in need of volunteers to sign up for a variety of locations. You can let us know your neighbourhood, and we’ll let you know what’s needed nearby. Some neighbourhoods we are specifically in need of help in are:

  • Bloor/Yonge/Dundas
  • St Lawrence Market/Front Street
  • Leslieville/Little India/Riverdale
  • Midtown
  • Queen West
  • Scarborough
  • York University Keele Campus

Next Steps: Please contact Barbi Lazarus at volunteer@veg.ca providing your name, email address and the location you are interested in.

V.A.S.T Co-Leader

One of TVA’s social groups, VAST (Veg*n Adventures & Socials in Toronto) is looking for a couple of co-leaders to help plan and facilitate events at least once a month. This would including creating events on Facebook as well as monitoring the Facebook wall.

Qualifications/Expectations: The ideal candidate will be punctual, reliable, responsible, a good communicator (with the co-leaders and with the group members) and, of course, fun.  You should have a love of the outdoors, or enjoy planning creative indoor events, and have a hearty appetite for delicious veg*n food.

TVA Group leaders must also be members of the Toronto Vegetarian Association (or join before becoming a leader).

Application: Please email volunteer@veg.ca with the subject VAST Co-Leader.

Office Help Team

Description: We are always looking for new members of our Office Help Team. The behind the scenes work that is necessary to make our attendance at outreach events possible is critical to us getting our message out to the public. Examples of tasks may be making phone calls to thank new members, applying TVA stickers to literature we distribute at outreach events, and stuffing and mailing envelopes.

Requests for assistance in the TVA office are sent out to the list as required. Requests may be sent out well in advance, but more often than not are fairly last minute (the week of). Volunteers can take us up on the offer or decline according to their availability. This position is particularly well suited to volunteers available during regular business hours, although some evening opportunities will come about as well.

Next steps:
To join the Office Help Team, email Barbi Lazarus at blazarus@veg.ca, with the email subject “Office Help Team”.

Volunteer Gift Recruiter

Are you sales savvy? Like talking to people and building relationships?

Description: We’re looking for a couple of people to help build an inventory of gifts for volunteers by approaching local businesses and asking for donations on behalf of TVA. A sample letter signed by TVA and talking points will be provided.

Expectations/qualifications: Sales or marketing experience would be a definite asset. We will provide a list of businesses to approach, but we’re looking for someone who can take ownership and initiative with this project, approaching the businesses and following up. The expected time commitment is a couple of hours per week for the next month or so, until the inventory is developed.

Next Steps: Please contact Barbi Lazarus with the subject “Gift Recruiter”.

Host a Vegan Bake Sale for TVA

It’s simple!

  • Host a vegan bake sale
  • Raise money for your cause of choice (we’re hoping that’ll be us!)
  • Promote delicious, cruelty-free food
  • Be part of a fun, global event that helps people, animals and the planet!

Sign up today to host your own vegan bake sale during the week of April 25th to May 3rd! We’ve got tips to help you find a venue, we can promote your bake sale to our networks, and we’ll give you the option to order any free literature you might want to give out like veg directories or recipe booklets. Just send us a quick email to volunteer@veg.ca saying you’d like to hold a bake sale and we’ll send you tips and other helpful info!

DIY Fundraising

Description: This is your chance to help TVA raise funds so that we can build our capacity and have a greater impact! While the Toronto Vegetarian Association is a grassroots organization that relies on the support of hundreds of volunteers, we also require funds to put our programs into action. Volunteers are always welcome to organize their own fundraising events, such as bake sales, walkathons, pot lucks, car washes or whatever your creative mind devises!

Next Steps: Click here to download our DIY Fundraising Kit with tips and instructions for getting started on organizing your very own fundraising event for TVA.