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Translation Cards and Travel Glossaries: Traveling to a country where you don’t speak the language? Check out our handy translation cards and travel glossaries to help you communicate what you do and more importantly, what you don’t eat when dining out on your vacation.

Toronto Vegetarian Association’s Travel Blog: See past blog posts related to travel, including podcasts and posts that include travel tips or discuss traveling in various destinations such as New York City.

Area-Specific Travel Resources: 

Travelling in cottage country? Check out

Travelling to Central and South America? Two experienced TVA members and volunteers have put together these handy guides to finding vegetarian food while traveling in Central and South America. Click here for Marco’s Vegan Survival Guide to Central America and click here for Dinesh’s Guide to Travel in Central America and Beyond.

We also recently heard about an online vegan directory, where you can find all the vegan services, restaurants and stores you need in every city in Latin America.

Hitting the slopes? Click here for our list of tips for veg options at ski resorts.

Animal Friendly Wildlife Tourism: Looking for opportunities to view animals in their wild habitat without causing them harm? World Animal Protection has created this website which both lists what they consider animal-friendly tourism companies as well as a list of animal tourism businesses to avoid.

Additional Vegetarian Travel Resources

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Happy Cow

Veg Guide

Veg Dining

IMG_1519Find a Hotel

Vegan B and B Travel: Provides vegan adventure holidays in Guatemala and Spain. For more information on trips in Guatemala and Spain visit

Veggie Hotels You can find and book accommodations at the homes of fellow vegan and vegetarian locals around the world or even rent out kitchens on an hourly basis to prepare your own meals if you’re just passing through! It’s like Air B n B for vegetarians!