Aequo Animo 
Aequo Animo is a nonprofit organization whose objective is to promote vegetarianism, the protection of animals, and the protection of the environment. Aequo Animo’s methods consist primarily of informing and sensitizing the public about the ethical and environmental consequences of our consumption habits.  (Pointe-Claire, QC)

Montreal Vegetarian Association New (added Nov. 2006) The MVA is a bilingual non-profit organization promoting vegetarianism and its benefits. Their website provides French and English content for events, membership info, FAQ’s, restaurant listings and much more. They organize social gatherings, cultural events and sports activities for ever growing community of vegetarians in Montreal. They have officially existed since August 2005 but have been active as an association since August 2004., 514-410-2737.

Réseau Végéta*ien de Québec – Quebec City Veg Network  
Yahoo Group for Vegetarians and Vegans from Quebec City and surroundings wanting to share recipes, information, and ideas.
Groupe Yahoo pour les végéta*iens de Québec, un lieu de rencontre pour ceux désirant partager recettes, informations, trucs, ou idées d’activités.

Vegan Québec 
Quebec, ››› Vegan Québec s’adresse à toutes les personnes intéressées par l’alimentation et l’éthique VEGAN. Rencontres, recettes, articles, et liens.