The Toronto Vegetarian Association supports many social groups who get together at local veg-friendly restaurants, for potlucks or other outings. It’s a great way to meet like-minded individuals and get support! You may find more details about each group’s events on the events page.

IMG_9192Also see our Vegetarian Organizations page for more vegetarian and vegan groups outside the Toronto area, including organizations across Canada and around the world.

Start A Group

To start a group of your own, email or phone us at 416-544-9800. Please note: The TVA Groups do not represent or act on behalf of TVA, its Board of Directors, or Members.

Groups by Location

Groups by Interest

DurhamVeg Group

If you’re in the Durham region and would like to learn more about a vegetarian lifestyle, this group offers friendly, informal support and meets monthly (first non-holiday Wednesday of each month) at a local restaurant.  Other events are also scheduled from time to time.

For more details, visit the DurhamVeg website, or email

East End Vegetarians

This group is for vegetarians, vegans and the veg-curious living in the Beach, Upper Beach, and Leslieville area of Toronto, wanting to meet and network with likeminded people in the area. They meet at restaurants in the area and the group may plan for other outings/events in the future as well.

Email to get added to their mailing list and find out about their next event!

Midtown Urban Veggies (MUV)

Meet me at the MUV! Hang out with other veg (or veg-curious) regulars of the midtown urban jungle at our new after-hours social. We meet on the 3rd Thursday of every month at our fully accessible Yonge/Eglinton clubhouse (within Living City Health) for themed convos, doc screenings, and fuss-free catering by local vegan restos. Email for more info or check out their Facebook page.

Vegetarians of High Park

Get to know other vegetarians or vegans living or working in the High Park/Bloor West Village/Junction area of Toronto. They want to help you meet and network with like-minded individuals in the neighbourhood.

The group meets for bi-monthly social dinners, which may be at local veg-friendly restaurants, or as potlucks when a suitable space in the neighbourhood can be found. In the future, they hope to put on some community events such as screenings or workshops as a form of community outreach.

To stay in the loop about their upcoming events, check out their website or email

Veggies of Halton and Peel

For all TVA members and friends in the regional municipalities of Halton and Peel. We are a social group, but group members can decide what amount of advocacy, education & outreach (if any) to also engage in. For more information please leave a message at the TVA office or email

York Region/North York Vegetarian Group

York Region and North York residents; are you interested in bi-monthly social dinners and potlucks?  We welcome new and experienced vegetarians as well as anyone wishing to make a transition to a vegetarian lifestyle. We are inviting all ages to join. Meetings take place at various locations in York Region and North York. If you are interested in attending or learning more please email

York Region Vegetarian Families

We are excited to start a forum for meeting of like-minded families living in York region, to provide York region families with similar interests and philosophies, an environment for playing, talking, meeting, eating, and socializing for children of any age with their parents and caregivers, to foster a healthy and happy attitude about vegetarianism/veganism, animals, the environment and health for children to grow up with.

Families will meet once a month at different venues throughout York Region. Families are encouraged to share ideas about meeting activities and places with us! Please contact Taunya at to get added to their mailing list, and for questions or comments.


Dinner/Social Group

Please join us for good vegetarian food and lively conversation at our upcoming social dinners (and brunches) on the 3rd or 4th Thursday (or Saturday) of each month. See the events pagefor full details of each event.

For more information or to RSVP, please leave a message at the TVA office or e-mail Taunya at

Queer Veggie Dinner Social Group

A once-per-month dinner social for Toronto’s LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi and trans) communities and their friends. The group events would be held in various restaurants around the city offering vegetarian meals or substantial vegetarian/vegan menu options. See the events page for full details of each event.

To receive updates on Queer Veggie dinners, email

Raw Vegan Group

Toronto Raw Food (Living Food Toronto), supported by TVA, is for people who share an enthusiasm for Raw Food / Living Food to get together and share ideas. We welcome people who are just experimenting with raw food! Please come to a potluck and sample our tasty dishes! For more information, visit the Meetup page.

Note: A raw food diet may be defined as a diet that is at least 75% raw. A vegan diet may be defined as a diet that contains no animal products.

Toronto Veg Families

Get to know families who are also vegan, vegetarian or planning to make the big change in the Greater Toronto Area.
Email or find them on Facebook by searching for Toronto Veg Families.

Toronto Veggie Meetup Group

A social group for vegans and vegetarians looking to meet like-minded people in the city. Events include cooking classes, restaurant and drinks, potlucks, talks, films and more. All events are vegan. Click here to join their group.

TVA Reading Group

Love to devour good books and great food in fabulous like-minded company? If so, we’ve got a group for you. Come and join TVA Reads, our monthly Wednesday evening reading group. For more information or to join the group contact Shân at

Vegan Baking Group

Inviting all vegan hobby-bakers! Come to our potluck-style meetings to improve your vegan baking skills, exchange advice and ideas about vegan baking, and get feedback on your vegan creations! For inquiries, email Christine at for events and more details, or visit their website at

IMG_7204Vegetarians In Their Twenties (VITT)

This group is for Torontonians in their twenties who are interested in vegetarianism and would like to go out and have fun! As well as going to vegetarian restaurants, we try to have a variety of events to appeal to everyone’s tastes. We encourage members to be active in the group, so if you would like there to be a specific type of event, feel free to suggest it or plan it yourself.

For more details and upcoming events search for the group on Facebook: VITT – Vegetarians in their Twenties  or email

Veggie Drinks

Join the Toronto Vegetarian Association for Veggie Drinks. Veggie Drinks is an opportunity for vegetarians and vegans to meet, talk advocacy, and network with other members of Toronto’s veg community.  Events are located at different veg-friendly businesses around the GTA.  Find out more by looking for the group on Facebook: Veggie Drinks & RSVP at: