Over the past two years, the Toronto Vegetarian Association had the opportunity to recognize some of Toronto’s most passionate & effective advocates for animal compassion!

Compassion Award winners Liz Marshall & Jo-Anne McArthur with Gene Baur of Farm Sanctuary and David Alexander & Peter McQueen of TVA.

2013 Winners – Jo-Anne McArthur for We Animals & Liz Marshall for The Ghosts in Our Machine

The 3rd Annual Lisa Grill Compassion for Animals Award celebrated the work of photographer Jo-Anne McArthur and filmmaker Liz Marshall. Premiering at the Hot Docs film festival in Toronto, Marshall’s film The Ghosts In Our Machine beautifully documents McArthur’s efforts to shed light on animal abuse through her photography project, We Animals. Liz & Jo-Anne received the award at the 2013 Vegetarian Food Festival. It was presented by David Alexander, Peter McQueen & Marco Pagliarulo on behalf of the Toronto Vegetarian Association and Farm Sanctuary founder Gene Baur.

2012 Winner – Anita Krajnc, founder of Toronto Pig Save

Finalist – Shannon Kornelsen, organizer of 10,000 Tastes,10 Billion Reasons
Finalist – Kimberly Carroll, coordinator of Be Veg TTC Subway Ad campaign

2012 Compassion for Animals Award winner Anita Krajnc with finalists Kimberly Carroll & Shannon Kornelsen.

2012 Compassion for Animals Award winner Anita Krajnc with finalists Kimberly Carroll & Shannon Kornelsen.

In 2012, we were honoured to recognize a very impressive set of achievements by these three outstanding finalists!

Kimberly Carroll was recognized for coordinating the “Be Veg” Toronto Subway Ad Campaign, which spread a compassionate message to thousands on the TTC.

Shannon Kornelsen was recognized for organizing the massive 10,000 Tastes, 10 Billion Reasons outreach event at Yonge-Dundas Square and a corresponding 28-day vegan challenge with Toronto firefighters.

Anita Krajnc was honoured as the founder of Toronto Pig Save, whose weekly slaughterhouse vigils inspire compassion for animals and raise awareness about the conditions for pigs and other animals raised for food in Canada. Through Toronto Pig Save, Anita is helping to build a grassroots movement of passionate animal advocates here in Toronto and beyond.

2011 Winner – Holly Larson, founder of Toronto Veggie Pride Parade

Finalist – Bob Timmons, Artist for the Ocean
Finalist – Jo-Anne McArthur, We Animals photographer
Finalist – Vicki Fecteau, contributor to Outreach & veggierevolution.com

2011 Compassion for Animals award winner, Holly Larson

2011 Compassion for Animals award winner, Holly Larson

Vicki Fecteau was recognized for providing her vegetarian recipes in Outreach magazine and her website veggierevolution.com.

Bob Timmons was recognized for his Artist for the Ocean project and for his work as founder of Ocean Activists United and as  co-ordinator of Sea Shepherd Toronto. Bob is also known for donating his artwork to animal protection & conservationist causes.

Jo-Anne McArthur was recognized for her We Animals photography project which has supported numerous awareness campaigns and her humane education program for Toronto students.

Holly Larson was honoured as the founder of the Toronto Veggie Pride Parade and for her work supporting local Ontario sanctuaries, PETA, TARS, and many other organizations. Holly is known for her mainstream, strategic focus and most of all Holly is known for her positive attitude that inspires people every day.