Veg Out 364: Veggielicious Gems

Today John, Lizzie and Shalini discuss their experiences with Veggielicious, and the verdict is two-thumbs up.  Also, the trio discuss good and bad experiences with those who are not understanding of veganism. Listen Now! may 14 – 2016-05-14, 3.13 PM

TVP 361: Earth day, Vegan Rock! and Veggielicious 2016

Today Ana and Sarah discuss upcoming events including Vegan Rock! 8  on April 21 and Veggielicious – May 6 to May 22.  We also talk about Earth Day which is April 22 this year. We talk about some of our favourite things to do for the environment including recycling clothes and electronics and carrying a re-useable mug. Ana… Read more »

TVP 360: The Totally Fabulous Bake-Off Episode

Today you’ll get a chance to hear Greg and Sarah record an episode of Veg Out from the The Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off.  The co-hosts share their experiences from one of the truly great events on TVA’s annual calendar.   TVP 360: Veg Out Vegan Bake Off

TVP 359: All about food!

In today’s podcast, Lisa, Nicole, Katie and Ana talk about every day meals, kitchen/pantry staples, or how to stave off that hangry feeling! Listen here: TVP 359: All About Food!

TVP 358: Bake-off Update

Today Sarah, Shalini, and John discuss lots of eating adventures….mostly good, one bad.  Listeners will learn that you can eat well as a vegan on the ground and a half kilometre above the city.  Stay tuned for information regarding ticket sales for the 8th Annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off.   TVP 358: Bake-off Update

TVP: 357 Vegan LoOoOve

Today on the podcast, Lisa, Shalini, and Ana talk about vegan love, vegan dating, and first date (or general date ideas) for finding a new vegan hunni (or omni hunni). Pages we talked about: Peta: Living>Men: Why Your Lover Will Be Glad You’re Vegan VegNews: How to Date a Vegan The Vegan Woman: 10 Romantic… Read more »

Episode 355: Vegan Cookbook Love

On today’s episode Lisa, Ana, Katie and John are here to discuss and reminisce about their favourite cookbooks.  The four co-hosts are motivated differently with regards to their decisions: John gets nostalgic over How It All Vegan, Lisa likes the relationship aspect of The Lusty Vegan, Ana enjoys eating her sister-in-law’s experimentations with Oh She… Read more »