TVP 346: We will miss you Lisa

Today Ana, Sarah and Betsy bid farewell to Lisa who is on to new adventures in Seattle and recapped their dinner last night at Rendez-Vous on Danforth. Sarah talks about the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon and the TVA’s fundraising efforts. Remember to support us. Everyone shared their Thanksgiving experience and Betsy and Ana talked about… Read more »

TVP 344: Veg Fest Stories, Upcoming Animal Rights Events and more

This week on the podcast Ana, Kirti, Shalini and Jeanette talk about their highlights from the Veg Food Fest. Volunteer Anastasia dropped by to talk to us about the 24 Hour Chicken and Cow Save Vigil as well as the 2015 Toronto Walk for Farm Animals. We also preview Vegfest Guelph and the Vegan Baking… Read more »

TVP 343: Getting Ready for Veg Food Fest

Today Ana, Kirti, Shalini, and John discuss the upcoming Veg Food Fest.  TVA did a great job of promoting this event by having a Donut Picking event (yes, you read that correctly), and there will also be a launch party.  The co-hosts also discussed the 2015 Toronto Veg Awards. Listen Now

TVP 341: Gonga Meets Prickly Pear

On today’s show the quartet of podcast hosts (Ana, Jeanette, Sam, and John) sample a prickly pear from the Lucky Moose.  They also get to discuss a variety of vegan food festivals, and social groups.   TVP 341: Gonga Meets Prickly Pear

TVP 340: The cosmetic episode

Today Sarah and Angeline share their current favourite beauty and toiletry products.Listen Now: TVP 340 Remember that tomorrow is the last day to submit nomination’s for the Lisa Grill Compassion for Animals Awards. Visit our website to submit your nomination.

TVP 339: Project Animal Farm by Sonia Faruqi

This weekend Kirti, Daksha and Ana speak with Sonia Faruqi, the author of Project Animal Farm: An Accidental Journey into the Secret World of Farming and the Truth About Our Food. Sonia shares some stories from her book, which journals her visits to farms around the world, toward the aim of improving the lives of animals. Sonia new intriguing… Read more »

TVP 338: Farewell to Sadie’s

Today Sarah, John and Ana talk about Veg food and event: Sadie’s closing, new Veg restaurants Apiecalypse Now, and Veggie D’lite, the vegan baking group is back and the Ecorazzi Food and Drink Festival is coming soon.  Applications are now available for the Veg Food Festival volunteer positions and TVA will be in the Pride… Read more »

TVP 337: Good news, not so good news, and delicious news

This week on the podcast, Kirti and Jeanette wish the Toronto Vegetarian Association a happy 70th birthday! We’ve also got good news such as the Cedar Row Farm Sanctuary visit, Pride events, WNY Veg Fest, the Vegan Food and Drink Festival and plenty of updates in our directory. The bad news is that Sadie’s Diner is… Read more »