Podcast 282: Unusual Body Part Experiences

Today Lisa L, and John were joined by Carla, Jag and Tracy.  The latter three co-hosts stopped by the Resource Centre to provide podcast listeners about their experiences with the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s team at the Toronto Waterfront Marathon.  They also discuss why  listeners should join them. Listen now!  

Podcast 281: The Lisa and Veronica Show

(There seemed to have been some sort of issue with uploading on July 27, but here is the podcast from that day posted for you) Today, Veronica and Lisa O discuss last week’s successful Cupcakes for Critters event, new directory updates and a few new businesses (like GF Wholesale, Well Grounded Garden). Listen now!

Podcast 280: Another Lisa

Today Lisa L. and John talk about Lisa’s food blog, Je suis alimentageuse, and her vegetarian background story.  There are plenty of upcoming events.  Also, Shawn writes in with news of vegan tattooing: Sal’s Tattoo and Barbershop on Spadina (may have artist with vegan ink), Archive on Dundas, and a vegan tattoo shop in BC. Listen Now!

Podcast 279: Kate’s flying (kind of) solo!

Today, Lisa O. is under the weather, so Kate guides you through the latest TVA news and events. She discusses Toronto Pig Save (read Barbi’s opinion piece here!), the Humane Education section on the TVA website, a recipe for Tropical Avocado Popsicles, vegan tattoo artist in Toronto (are there any? Let us know!), and more…. Read more »

Podcast 278: Vegan Marshmallows & Dining Adventures

Today Veronica and Sarah chat about Veronica’s recent dining adventures including the Raw Vegan Festival and the TVA Birthday Party. A new vegan marshmallow is in the works in Ottawa as mentioned in this veg news article. Listen Now!

Podcast 277: Prairie Girl, Cats, Avocados

Today John, Lisa O., Sarah, and David sample the vegan versions now being served by Prairie Girl Cupcakes.  The consensus:  two-thumbs up!  Other items on today’s podcast:   TVA’s birthday celebration is on Wednesday, Cedar Row animal sanctuary trip on June 22, eating avocados in California and Mexico. Listen Now!

Podcast 276: Fond of Food

Veronica and Kate discuss …food, as usual. Also of note: Toronto to March to Close Down All Slaughterhouses June 15th 2013 Assembly time 10am, March 11am. Meeting: South East corner of Christie Pitts Park. Strolling down Bathurst? Check out the Raw Vegan Festival Sat 10-8, Sun 10-4.   Listen now! http://veg.ca/audio/tvp/20130608.mp3

Podcast 275: Veggie Pride Parade

Today John and Kate discuss today’s Veggie Pride Parade, refried bean and Ethiopian lentil recipes, a bunch of vegetarian related organizations doing good work, and all of the upcoming vegetarian/vegan/raw festivals on the horizon. Listen Now!

Podcast 274: I like it soggy

Today Sarah, Lisa, John and Kate have a great time discussing Rise Above, last week’s World Wide Vegan Bake Sale, takeout without, and Zara’s. Listen Now!

Podcast 273: Bloggin’ vegan style

Get your pots and pans, and ovens ready, because this week Sarah and Veronica discuss their favourite vegan blogs and their first cookbooks.  If cooking’s not your thing, they’ve also got news about a handful of new restaurants with vegetarian options. Listen now!