Podcast 297: Lots of Food Talk!

Today, Angeline, Lisa O, and Helen discuss the delicious Bake-Off plates, Lisa’s adventures in California eating, Grasshopper Restaurant, Beyond Meat, our volunteer who distributes outreach materials to hospitals, Esther the Wonder Pig, the Mercy for Animals Farm to Fridge video, and more! Listen now!

Podcast 296: Spring is here?

Today Sarah and Kate talk about what they are most looking forward to about spring and summer. They also mention the Raw Vegan Festival that is coming up in June and the sold out 6th Annual Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake Off! As well as Kate’s new favourite blog This Rawsome Vegan Life. Listen Now!

Podcast 295 : A Vegan Winter Wonderland

It turns out there is lots to look forward to during this never-ending winter! Toronto is bustling with upcoming vegetarian events that Sarah, Angeline, Kirti and Cindy share. But if that’s not enough to win you over, you can also live vicariously through Angeline’s talk about her veg-friendly trip to Mexico! Listen now!

Podcast 292: I Resolve To Eat More Vegan Baked Goods

Today Sarah and John are thrilled to announce that the Vegan Bake-off is coming soon.  The two also discuss just how big a 22 pound bag of pinto bean really is, and New Year resolutions (or “goals” in the case of the co-hosts). Listen Now!

Podcast 290: All Over The Place

John and Kate discuss a variety of things today, ranging from mushy tofu scramble to black cats to Toronto Pig Save livestreams. Enjoy! Listen Now!

Podcast 289: East Coast Tour

Today John, Lisa O., and Kirti discuss some of their recent travels.  Restaurants in Halifax, New York and Philadelphia were sampled and discussed on today’s show.  Their is also some mention of local places too (Grasslands, Mamma’s Pizza, Govinda’s, Tenon Sushi, and others) just to make sure that Toronto gets some attention too. Listen Now!

Podcast 288: That’s Veggielicious!

Sarah and Lisa L talk about Veggielicious coming your way, Nov 15th! Update on the Vega Recall Situation. Click here to read more. Listen now!

Podcast 287: Immunize Yourself!

Today John and Sarah welcomed Selene to the podcast.  Selene was able to offer some practical tips about how to prevent colds and flus.  The trio also got involved in a conversation about some new restaurants of note thanks to an email from Shawn C.  Also discussed:  Veggielicious and the AGM are just around the… Read more »