Podcast 292: I Resolve To Eat More Vegan Baked Goods

Today Sarah and John are thrilled to announce that the Vegan Bake-off is coming soon.  The two also discuss just how big a 22 pound bag of pinto bean really is, and New Year resolutions (or “goals” in the case of the co-hosts). Listen Now!

Podcast 290: All Over The Place

John and Kate discuss a variety of things today, ranging from mushy tofu scramble to black cats to Toronto Pig Save livestreams. Enjoy! Listen Now!

Podcast 289: East Coast Tour

Today John, Lisa O., and Kirti discuss some of their recent travels.  Restaurants in Halifax, New York and Philadelphia were sampled and discussed on today’s show.  Their is also some mention of local places too (Grasslands, Mamma’s Pizza, Govinda’s, Tenon Sushi, and others) just to make sure that Toronto gets some attention too. Listen Now!

Podcast 288: That’s Veggielicious!

Sarah and Lisa L talk about Veggielicious coming your way, Nov 15th! Update on the Vega Recall Situation. Click here to read more. Listen now!

Podcast 287: Immunize Yourself!

Today John and Sarah welcomed Selene to the podcast.  Selene was able to offer some practical tips about how to prevent colds and flus.  The trio also got involved in a conversation about some new restaurants of note thanks to an email from Shawn C.  Also discussed:  Veggielicious and the AGM are just around the… Read more »

Podcast 286: Special Guests and a Song!

Today Sarah and Lisa O were joined by Alex Greenwood and John Sakars, two experienced and dedicated activists who have been volunteering as leafleters for Vegan Outreach for many years. In addition to discussing their experiences, they treat us to a live song, which may also be viewed on John’s Youtube channel. Alex has a number of videos… Read more »

Podcast 285: Running on Beans

After a long podcast hiatus, John and Sarah are back, and they make it up to you by sharing some delicious recipes for beans, beans, beans! Sarah also shares tips from her training for the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon where she is raising funds for the Toronto Vegetarian Team. Listen now!

Podcast 284: The best birthday present

John, Kate and Brandon (Kate’s brother) discuss Brandon’s birthday present to his sister:  he went vegan for thirty days.  I’d say that’s a pretty awesome present.  The trio also discuss some of whopping calorie-laden food at this year’s C.N.E. Listen now!

Podcast 283: Minty Goodness

This week, John and Lisa O discuss Lisa Pitman and Nicole Axworthy’s lovely Tiny Treats e-book, some of the proceeds of which go to Elephant Nature Park, a very worthy cause. They also discuss minty smoothies, superfood smoothies, kale storage, bountiful basil, the imminent Vegetarian Food Festival, the VegNews Awards Survey, the TVA Scotiabank Marathon team,… Read more »