Podcast Episode 309: It’s Veg Fest Time

Today Ana and Sarah talk about the upcoming 30th annual Vegetarian Food Festival and things to keep an eye out for when visiting, like food trends: are donuts the new cupcake? We hope you join us down at Harbourfront on September 5, 6 and 7.   Listen Now! 

Episode 308: Food, As Usual

Today Lisa and John discuss some of their recent eating experiences along with news about the upcoming Vegetarian Food Festival and the campaign for why love one, and eat the other. Listen Now!          

Episode 307: Soft Serve, Donut, Chops

Today Sarah, Kirti, Ana and John discuss the up-coming vegan donut eating contest that is being put on by Through Being Cool.  There was also more analysis of Bunner’s soft serve ice cream, and a review of Yam Chops. Listen Now!

Episode 306: Sugar-Free Sensation

Today John and Lisa O. are the co-hosts on the podcast.  The two share information about their recent eating experiences, and their mixed reactions to the news that Quality Meat Packers have closed their doors in Toronto. Listen Now!

Episode 305: Volunteering with TVA, Veg outreach and sharing your story

Today Sarah, Angeline and Kirti were joined by King,  a TVA outreach volunteer who shared his experiences as a TVA volunteer.  We  mentioned restaurants and products that can help make living a healthy lifestyle just a little bit easier. Like FreshCity Farms , and Vegan Cuts . We also talked about the importance of social support when… Read more »

Podcast 303: Make Your Summer Veggielicious

Cindy and Kirti introduce you to our directory assistant, Izzy and they share info about plenty of delicious vegetarian news and events. New locations for two of Toronto’s most popular vegan dining establishments, vegan options at Summerlicious, and event a coconut festival! Listen now!

Podcast 302: Running Raw Around Australia

Today John, Kirti and Sarah are joined by Alan Murray and Janette Murray-Wakelin.  Alan and Janette are best known as the couple who ran around the perimeter of Australia over the span of the year fueled entirely on raw food.  If you are interested in seeing more of Alan and Janette you can help put… Read more »

Podcast 301: Farming Humans Documentary

Angeline and Kirti interviewed Myles Shane (myles@hiltz2.com) of Hiltz Squared Media, about “Farming Humans”, a documentary in which 12 volunteers will live in cages for 10 days. Listen Now!

Podcast 300: Festivals and Food Markets

We (Angeline, Cindy, John and Kirti) bring news about upcoming veg Festivals, veg-friendly markets in the GTA and give a bit of a teaser about some special upcoming episodes! Listen now.