TVA offers Mayor recipe for healthy weight-loss

The Toronto Vegetarian Association delivers plant-based care package to Mayor Ford and Councillor Doug Ford TORONTO:  In response to Toronto Mayor Rob Ford’s public resolution to lose weight in 2012, the Toronto Vegetarian Association has delivered a care package for achieving healthy weight-loss and invited the mayor to participate in Meatless Mondays. “Eating less meat… Read more »

Dealing with mice and rats: A humane approach

As winter approaches, mice and rats start looking for warm places for shelter. And what better spot than a nice warm home with lots of crumbs in the kitchen? Once they move in, they will generally increase their population to take advantage of the available food supply. If you are not into sharing your home… Read more »

Support Local Farmed Animal Sanctuaries

For our 2010 Year of Compassion, the Toronto Vegetarian Association has taken on a very fitting and special campaign – to help Ontario’s local farm sanctuaries. These sanctuaries selflessly rescue and take care of farm animals. To support their work, TVA is proud to announce the creation of our Support Local Farmed Animal Sanctuaries (SLFAS)… Read more »

Food for Thought: The Ethics of Eating

A series of lectures across post-secondary campuses and high schools in the Greater Toronto Area TVA’s educational speaker series titled “Food For Thought: The Ethics of Eating”, launched in March 2010. The speaker series, originally aiming to reach an audience of university and college students and now branching out to high school students, emphasizes the… Read more »

Foraging for wild berries in the city

Written by Stephen Leckie Late June is mulberry season in Canada. These juicy black berries grow in great abundance on trees in Toronto and many other cities. Saskatoon berries are also available at this time of year. You can find these purple berries in parks growing on bushes or slender trees. Foraging for wild fruit… Read more »

Soaring Food Prices Bring Fear but Also Hope

The current crisis is a wake up call for going vegetarian, eating local, not over-eating, and reducing waste Anyone who likes Urban Herbivore’s delicious vegan muffins (and who doesn’t?) came face to face with the global phenomena of raising grain prices recently – the price went from $2 to $2.50. A sign posted by the… Read more »

Eggs raise risk of death | Meat and cancer | Bird flu

Bird flu virus has mutated into form that’s deadly to humans The avian flu has undergone a critical mutation making it easier for the virus to infect humans, according to a study at the University of Wisconsin at Madison. “We are rolling the dice with modern poultry farming practices,” warns consumer health advocate Mike Adams,… Read more »

Fish oil & omega-3s

A 2008 study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal casts doubt on the health benefits of fish oil. Dr. David Jenkins, a professor of medicine and nutritional science at the University of Toronto, and his co-authors analyzed three major studies that looked at heart patients and fish-oil supplements. One found benefits to fish oil, another found… Read more »

Five healthy habits from around the world

Adapted from a 2007 article at about five healthy eating habits learned from the traditional diets of cultures around the world. 1. Eat plenty of produce and whole grains Traditionally in China, the diet consists primarily of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. And in Greece, vegetables and legumes are main meals, not just side… Read more »

Climate change: The inconvenient truth about what we eat

Written by Steve Leckie    With April being a cold month in Toronto so far, it is hard to feel too concerned about global warming. But it is worth noting that the greenhouse effect can cause weather extremes in both directions. Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth won an Oscar for best documentary in 2006. The… Read more »