Meat and the Environment: Facts and resources

Facts on meat and the environment Farm animals outweigh people A meat-based diet requires 7 times more land Farm animals naturally inefficient Agriculture vs wilderness Excessive use of energy & water Livestock grazing Fish – plundering the oceans Facing food scarcity Solutions PDF version: view as a two page 124k pdf file that can be printed. Nov…. Read more »

Five food choices for a healthy planet

Five simple food choices to help the earth. 1. Eat low on the food chain Moving toward a vegetarian diet is one of the most powerful personal choices you can make for a healthier environment. Your ecological footprint (the amount of non-wild land required to sustain you) is greatly affected by the quantity of meat… Read more »

Recommended vegetarian books

Vegetarian Books We receive a referral fee from Amazon for any book sales that are initiated from this page. Once you are ready to buy, please start from here (even if the book you want is not listed below). Rating refers to the Amazon customer rating. Five stars is the maximum. Nutrition Becoming Vegetarian Apr 2003, by Vesanto… Read more »

Do vegetarians eat fish?

Fish. It’s usually the last meat people give up. Maybe it should be the first. by Steve Hal North Americans have been swearing off beef, pork and chicken in droves lately. Most cite health concerns such as heart disease and cancer, while others express empathy for the environment and animals. But many still consume fish… Read more »