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Animal Profile: Pigs

December 18, 2012

Care of Bonnie Shulman

 Photo care of Bonnie Shulman

Nobody respects a pig. Just ask President Barack Obama, who famously tried to reduce rival John McCain by saying, “You know, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig.”

Pigs are far more sophisticated than the President realizes. Watch pigs living in peace and freedom on a sanctuary and you’ll find that pigs are tidy, playful, loving ...


Animal Profile: Lobsters and Us

December 18, 2012

Care of Bonnie Shulman

What do the movies Annie Hall and Julie & Julia have in common? Each features a gruesome scene in which a giggling woman struggles at the idea of putting a live lobster in a pot of boiling water, but does so anyways. Formulaic hilarity ensues.

Why do people give in to cruelty, when they know full well it’s the wrong choice?

Maybe because, in the case of lobsters, they look so “alien” to humans that it’s hard for the ...


Animal Profile: The Life of a Dairy Cow

December 17, 2012

Care of Bonnie Shulman

Got milk? Pity.
If you’ve ever seen documentaries about farm animals like Peaceable Kingdom you’ll already know that cows are emotional animals with strong family bonds. Mother cows care for their calves and even other cows nearby will come over to meet a new calf and help out where they can.
Farm Sanctuary, with shelters in New York and California, have endless stories to tell about the cows on ...

Animal Profile: Be Kind to Fish

December 17, 2012

Care of Bonnie Shulman


Since the dawn of time people have been catching and eating fish without giving the fish a second thought, as though they were inanimate objects, as though being drowned in air was not a big deal to the fish. All that desperate flapping of their fins onboard fishing boats – that doesn’t mean a thing to many people.

But now, the fish are talking back with more than just their fins. Their voices, mute ...


Animal Advocacy: Touring Ontario’s Factory Farms

December 14, 2012

Submitted Anonymously

Many vegetarians know about the abhorrent treatment of animals on factory farms. In fact, the treatment of farm animals is so bad that it is the reason many of us adopt vegetarian and vegan diets in the first place. Because we are so horrified by what we hear and read about factory farms, most of us would rather avoid them. Not Sam.

In order to learn about the treatment of farm animals firsthand, Sam has been visiting animal farms in ...


Pig abuse exposed in MFA Canada investigation

December 13, 2012

Crated Cruelty

This Saturday, CTV investigative current affairs program W5 broadcast disturbing undercover footage from inside a pig farm in Manitoba that supplies pork to Soebeys, Loblaws, Metro, and Walmart Canada.

The footage, released by Mercy for Animals Canada shows pregnant sows crammed into small metal gestation crates without room to turn around, and documents pigs bleeding from open wounds, sows with distended, inflamed bellies, and piglets being slammed on the floor by staff.

If you’re interested ...


Animal Advocacy: DND Vs. Nigel Osborne

December 13, 2012

Care of Nigel Osborne

The National Post on-line published a story in November 2009 revealing the Department of National Defence (out of a location in Alberta) was using pigs for experiments in an effort to help trauma experts treat wounded soldiers better in a combat theatre.

The experiments characterized are varied and include inducing head trauma on pigs to simulate human brain injuries and dismemberment or sudden amputation to simulate limb loss due to IED devices and proximity explosions. Needless to ...


Animal Advocacy: Weekly Vigil at Toronto Slaughterhouse

December 13, 2012
Visit to learn
more about the Toronto Slaughterhouse and get involved.

Care of Gwen Dunlop

I have been holding a one-woman, Sunday vigil since December 13, 2009, at what I call the Toronto Slaughter House. Its actual name is Toronto Abattoirs Ltd., with “Quality” Meat Packers Ltd. alongside it off Tecumseth St. The shockingly barbaric and primitive holding-compound (as apt a word as I can find) ...


Animal Advocacy Profile: Camille Labchuk

December 06, 2012

Making the Personal Political


Interview with Animal Activist: Camille Labchuk

Care of Shannon Kornelson and Anna Pippus

We know you were a vegetarian before you became vegan. Can you tell us about how you made the leap and why? Is there anything about being vegan that surprised you, either negatively or positively?

I became a vegetarian when I was 12, but it wasn’t until years later that I began to hear about veganism and ...


Vegan shoes, boots & leather alternatives

April 13, 2012

What’s wrong with leather?

vegan shoesSkip to our list of companies that sell vegan shoes, boots and leather alternatives

Leather may be made from cows, pigs, goats, and sheep, or exotic animals like alligators, ostriches, and kangaroos. And according to PETA, China even exports skins from dogs and cats around the world. Since leather is normally not labeled, you never really ...

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