Getting to the Heart of Healthy Eating

Getting to the Heart of Healthy Eating February 13, 2007 TORONTO: A healthy heart is only a workshop away. Vegetarian 101: Moving Towards a Heart Healthy Diet, presented by Registered Dietician J. Beverley Edwards-Miller, is a free workshop series that hopes to get Torontonians serious about health. Hosted by the Toronto Vegetarian Association, Vegetarian 101… Read more »

Canadian Carnivores Crave Vegetarian Options

Canadian Carnivores Crave Vegetarian Options June 14, 2006 Annual veg fest paradoxically attracts meat-eaters in record numbers TORONTO, ON: Toronto’s annual Vegetarian Food Fair is readying itself to welcome an unexpected audience on September 8, 9 and 10, 2006: the unabashed meat-eater. Festival organizers don’t mind sharing their tofu with these unlikely visitors, however. “The… Read more »

Roasting Chestnuts

Enjoy an Autumn tradition – Roasting chestnuts in the oven  When selecting chestnuts, pick the ones that are full, dark and shiny. Avoid ones that are dull on the outside and shrivelled inside. This will reduce the likelihood of there being mold inside. Slit chestnuts with one long slit from top to bottom (or make… Read more »