Podcast 324: The Celeb-isode


Today Sarah, Laura and Angeline talked vegan restaurants, beauty products, tips for new vegans and vegetarians, veg fitness and Vegan celebrity encounters! And news. Including Laura’s Strombo fist bump. With March around the corner more and more veg events are taking place including the first Ryerson Veg Fest. And the 7th Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-off…. Read more »

Bright Spots of Inspiration to Get You Through the Winter

Boston VegFest featured

By Phil Whitehead, TVA member and volunteer What possibly could be the association between distributing vegan cookies outside of the Bathurst subway station during the coldest morning of the winter and attending the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival? When I attended the Boston Vegetarian Festival in October, 2014, I found an event that was radiating with… Read more »

Episode 323: Membership Perks

cupcakes featured

On today’s show Angeline and John talk about advance Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-off tickets available to members, Kupfert & Kim, fact sheets available at the RC and online at Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, and when vegan products go non-vegan. Episode 323: Membership Perks

Vegan Rock! 7

VeganRock7 featured

The 7th Annual VEGAN ROCK! is a concert and bake sale fundraiser for the Toronto Vegetarian Association. It features live music from local vegetarian musicians and delicious desserts made by both local bakeries and regular folks. Last but certainly not least, Vegan Rock! also features an awesome raffle with amazing prizes to be won from… Read more »

No-egg quiche made easy with the Vegg

quiche featured

By Autumn Ladouceur, former TVA communications intern   This week I took my first “crack” at cooking with Vegg, the new product made with nutritional yeast and other ingredients, that when mixed with water forms an egg-tasting and egg-yolk-textured product. With this you can make a number of things from egg salad to Hollandaise sauce…. Read more »

Episode 322: Vegan vs. Gluten-free

RC visitors featured image

Today, Betsy, Angeline and Sue talked about our Renew Life care package, our vegan mac & cheese give-away, the National anti-fur protest, our podcast nomination, Pizzanova, Sweets from the Earth, ‘Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World’, ‘The Allergy-Free Cook’ books by Laurie Sadowski (gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, soy-free).  Also, we discussed how “vegan” and “gluten-free” are… Read more »

TVA Conducts First Study of Lapsed Vegetarians in Canada

party tray featured

The Toronto Vegetarian Association’s Programs Review Committee led a groundbreaking study never before conducted in Canada. As part of the TVA’s 2013-2018 strategic plan, we want to make sure all of our programs are as effective as possible at not only encouraging people to go vegetarian for the first time, but also at ensuring that… Read more »

Episode 321: Vegan Travels, Cat Videos, and other Fun Stuff

Volunteering at the Vegan Bake-Off

Today Angeline, Betsy, and Lisa O discussed vegan traveling, snack boxes, Kauai’s radically free-range chickens, Disneyworld, Lifelines back issues, TVA’s updated website, the upcoming Totally Fabulous Vegan Bake-Off, and the glory of volunteering. (Also, Lisa’s now-famous cat Charlie, and Snowball, the dancing cockatoo.) Episode 321

Valentine’s Treats for Your Sweety

cupcakes featured

By Autumn Ladouceur, former TVA Communications Intern Being vegan means that buying a box of chocolates for your loved one this Valentine’s Day can be a bit more challenging. Here are some vegan treats on the market for this love-filled occasion. This year Toronto welcomed its first ever vegan deli called “Yam Chops” on College…. Read more »

Behind the Scenes at the Vegan Bake-Off

Donut featured

By Lisa Le, Toronto Vegetarian Association volunteer and past Vegan Bake-Off champ! In 2012, when I first moved to Toronto, I felt overwhelmed by the big city. I had just moved from Ottawa and relocated for graduate school. Away from friends, my partner, and my network of people to study in Toronto, I found myself… Read more »